By Brad Farmer GOLD COAST — Australia's favorite holiday beach, Surfers Paradise, could soon be named "Sewers Paradise" if protests against a $23 million ocean outfall pipeline are ignored. Queensland environment minister Pat "Rubber Stamp"
By Lynn Beaton One more time: why are women underpaid? At a conference on inequality, at the University of New South Wales a few weeks ago, a study was presented which claimed to prove that discrimination has little to do with the earnings gap
MELBOURNE — The Victorian Secondary Teachers Association and the Federated Teachers Union of Victoria decided on September 6 to step up their industrial campaigns against the loss of 2000 jobs. There will be a full-day stoppage on September 12,
By Steven Giese Perspecta Art Gallery of NSW until September 15 Reviewed by Steven Giese This year's Perspecta was an understandably Greinerised affair, chopped back a bit (they couldn't afford the two dimensional artists), privatised to the
Interview by Boris Kagarlitsky VLADIMIR KONDRATOV is a Socialist Party deputy to the Moscow City Soviet. During the coup of August 19-21 he was a member of a special committee formed to organise the defence of the City Soviet building; his
Sex and the Old Testament At the September 7 rally and march in Sydney against the Reverend Fred "Festival of Light" Nile's bill to restrict abortion in New South Wales, the familiar black and white habits of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence
By Lisa Schofield WOLLONGONG — Under the slogan of "Wollongong — Clean and Green in the 1990s" the Active Community Team (ACT) is running three tickets in the local government elections. The ACT has released a comprehensive environment
Story and photo by Kim Shipton SYDNEY — Over two nights in August, a team of six graffiti artists created and dedicated a huge mural to the people of Newtown. The mural features planet earth, US civil rights campaigner Martin Luther King and a
Women rally against Nile bill By Rose McCann SYDNEY — Three thousand people rallied and marched here on September 7 to support a woman's right to choose abortion. The rally was called by the Women's Abortion Action Campaign and sponsored by
By Peter Boyle Bran Nue Dae A documentary film by Tom Zubrycki State Film Theatre, Melbourne Reviewed by Peter Boyle I wish I hadn't missed the stage musical performance of Bran Nue Dae in Sydney last year — especially after seeing


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