Threat to deregister teachers' union By Nina Murka SYDNEY — The NSW Teachers' Federation is threatened with deregistration after refusing to call off the TAFE teachers' strike on September 1-2. The state Industrial Relations Commission
By Val Plumwood I have a friend in Canberra, Sean, who is a child-care worker, a gentle person who hates war and loves working with children. The work is important but, because it is seen as women's work, it doesn't carry any sickness benefits. In
Interview By Renfrey Clarke An economist and specialist on the problems of women in the workplace, ANASTASIYA POSADSKAYA is head of the Gender Studies Centre within one of the institutes of the Soviet Academy of Sciences. She was interviewed in
Perth police terrorise actors By Leon Harrison PERTH — Police rampages like the one that led to the killing of David Gundy in Sydney last year are nothing unusual in WA. The latest victims of WA Tactical Response Group and Division 79
GOLD COAST — A "Black and White night charity bash" is being organised by Surfers Against Nuclear Destruction on Friday, September 13, beginning at 8 p.m. at the Kirra Pub. It will feature Gun Shy & Punk Tured Lung. A Ride For Peace on Sunday,
By Noel McGuire Patrick White — A life By David Marr Random House. 727 pp. $49.95 hardback Reviewed by Noel McGuire After he won the Nobel prize, Patrick White became a Living National Treasure. The fact that, to a large extent, his work
Pro-choice activists beaten By Rose McCann SYDNEY — A group of women and men from pro-choice organisations were beaten up by anti-abortion thugs here on September 8. At the well-attended pro-abortion rally here on September 7, a demonstration
By Col Hesse SYDNEY — Openness, public participation and environmental protection are among the key issues being pushed by a range of progressive candidates in the local council elections to be held across NSW on September 14. These issues
By Sally Low Bill Kelty and Laurie Carmichael are often hailed as the brains behind the ALP-ACTU Prices and Incomes Accord but a short overview of the evolution of trade union and left politics in Italy since the late 1970s suggests at least one
Gun laws The flip side to the shooting deaths at Strathfield Plaza on August 17 occurred a couple of days later, and a few suburbs away, in Meadowbank. There, a young man went on the rampage with a knife, wounding seven, one quite seriously, but


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