By Sue Bolton MELBOURNE — A survey of 78 local governments conducted by the Victorian state parliamentary Labor Party, results of which were made public on April 9, revealed a massive drop in the number of food inspectors. This follows the
"The age of union militancy has passed; the age of employer militancy has arrived", according to Ross Gittins, writing in the Sydney Morning Herald. The aim of the article was to look at why "the bosses are winning". The most interesting aspect
By Sam Wainwright PARIS — The shock of seeing Jean-Marie Le Pen's fascist National Front (FN) win the mayoral elections in the town of Vitrolles, the fourth town to fall under its control, has sparked widespread concern and debate about the
By Tessha Mearing and Nikki Ulasowski WOLLONGONG — The federal government's work-for-the-dole scheme is targeted at unemployed people aged between 15 and 24 years. Under the scheme, those 15-21 will work for 20 hours per week, and 21-24-year
By Allen Myers Government inspection of foods arose from experience: as industrial capitalism developed, it became clear that only fear of the law could restrain some capitalists from selling adulterated and/or poisonous goods. In his book The
By Renfrey Clarke MOSCOW — Millions of workers across Russia struck and demonstrated on March 27 in one of the greatest outpourings of labour protest in the country's history. The key demand was for the prompt payment of spiralling wage debts.
The age of usuryThe age of usury Due to some blunder, some monstrous breach of faith — I'm not accusing anyone, not yet! — a report from the sturdy financial mind of Mr Stan Wallis has been released in Canberra without the customary
Wherever there is a human beingWherever there is a human being By Brandon Astor Jones "Wherever there is a human being, I see God-given rights inherent in that human being, whatever may be [his/her] sex or complexion." — William
Mutiny on air! Sydney community radio 2SER-FM has launched a new radio program called Mutiny. Each week it will examine protest and rebellion, here and abroad. A team of program makers interested in an in-depth analysis of how change is achieved
By Peter Montague In 1987, about 45% of US residents were living with one or more chronic conditions (a term that includes chronic diseases and impairments). In 1935, the proportion was 22%, so chronic conditions have approximately doubled
Behind the LinesBy Stephen JollyGlobal Books, 1996. 296 pp. $20 Review by Sean Lennon Shortly after coming to office in Victoria in 1992, the Kennett government announced a range of cuts to public services, which included closing 55 schools. One
CPSU union activists run candidate By Ben Courtice Members First, an independent group of activists in the Tax Office section of the Community and Public Sector Union, is standing a candidate on the CPSU Challenge ticket in the union's
Anti-militarism conference MELBOURNE — The Asia Pacific Anti-Militarism Conference, held from March 28 to April 1, attracted around 150 people. The conference heard a detailed and inspiring report from Bougainville activist Lillian Crofts on
By Barry Sheppard SAN FRANCISCO — On March 25, at the beginning of what turned out to be my last shift as an operator at the Unocal oil refinery in northern California, the forewoman told my crew to collect our personal belongings at the end
General secretary Vickramabahu "Bahu" Karunarathne and two other members of the New Sama Samaja Party (NSSP) have been detained by police in connection with an arms cache police claim to have discovered in a building housing the Health Workers Trade
By Ben Reid and Jo Williams MELBOURNE — Members of the National Tertiary Education and Industry Union (NTEU) at Melbourne University on April 9 voted by a narrow margin to accept an administration offer in the current round of enterprise


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