By Chris Martin Aboriginal organisations working to reunite children of the "stolen generation" with their families will be shielded from the effects of the federal government's 11% cut to indigenous funding, the Aboriginal and Torres Strait
By Paul Oboohov MELBOURNE — Last week, the National Delegates' Committee of the Community and Public Sector Union in the Department of Employment, Education, Training and Youth Affairs met to discuss its response to the proposal by the Howard
By Kylie Moon HOBART — Student elections on the Hobart campus of the University of Tasmania finished last week. The successful candidate for president, Catherine Miller, won 807 of the 1382 votes. Sarah Stephen, from the Resistance ticket, won
By Cam Walker The election of the Coalition government is having a huge impact on the way the environment movement operates. Whereas a number of groups either tacitly or openly supported the Coalition in the pre-election period, the situation
NSW crackdown on youth By Jen Crothers SYDNEY — The state Labor government will carry out at least one of its election promises if it introduces its proposed Street Safety Bill. Premier Bob Carr said that he is prepared to compromise the
By Margaret Kirkby A case currently before the High Court has serious implications for women's access to abortion in most states of Australia. The case, CES & otrs v Superclinics & otrs, originated in the NSW Supreme Court in 1994. It is a medical
By Tony Smith The Sydney Theatre Company demonstrated a modern approach to the sale of its 1997 season of plays by inviting media and friends to the theatre for an upbeat launch. The set was dominated by strawberry mountains and champagne lakes big
SYDNEY — Anqelique Kidjo sang to a packed Metro last week. For two solid hours this charismatic African diva had the enthusiastic crowd dancing and singing — even though most of Kidjo's songs are in Fon, her native Beninois language. Fifa, which
Classics faces extinction y Zoë Loh MELBOURNE — The Classics Department at the University of Melbourne is threatened with massive cuts. Consultation between the head of Classics, Tony Sagona, and staff has been minimal, and consultation
By Lisa Macdonald The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) last week approved new regulations allowing widespread air transport of plutonium and other nuclear materials. The decision massively increases the possibility of extensive nuclear


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