BRENDAN DOYLE arrived in France at the beginning of December and witnessed three weeks of strikes and the biggest demonstrations since May 1968. On one Saturday there were 2 million people on the streets all over France, and millions of others
The Poverty of Dialectical MaterialismBy Eric PetersonSummer Hill NSW: Red DoorReviewed by Rurik Davidson. Not all philosophers are wankers. There have been people who have been genuinely concerned with the big problems for a reason — to use
SkinSydney Theatre CompanyWharf 2, Sydney until March 16Reviewed by Lisa Macdonald Skin incorporates two very different, tenuously linked plays. The first, Somewhere in the Darkness, written by Ray Kelly, draws on the traditions of Aboriginal
Karen Fletcher and Max Lane Move the airport out of Sydney Residents of Sydney's inner south-west are rightly angry about the horrendous levels of noise and air pollution which have accompanied the opening of the third runway at Kingsford Smith
By Coral Wynter and Kerry Vernon BRISBANE — Fifty people attended the opening of the Bayside Residents Against Toxic Site (Brats) information office at Pinkenba on February 17. Bayside residents have been campaigning for over 12 months against the
Figments of a MurderBy Gillian HanscombeSpinifex Press, 1995, 264 pp., $16.95 (pb)Reviewed by Kath Gelber Hanscombe has a delightful way of combining conventional narrative with lyrical prose, evident in earlier works including Sybil: The Glide of
On February 20, five of the East Timorese seeking refuge inside the Australian embassy in Jakarta were escorted to a nearby hospital. Sometime later, their embassy escorts left the hospital. The next morning the five East Timorese, three of them
The following information about the preference allocations and recommendations of the "progressive" parties and candidates contesting the federal election, while still incomplete (in many seats these decisions have yet to be made or announced), gives
The Australian Women's Party (AWP) formed last year around the central aim of increasing women's parliamentary representation. Recently, it released its industrial policy about which Green Left Weekly's JENNIFER THOMPSON spoke to JENI EASTWOOD.
Citizen Initiated Referendums In your February 7th cover story (GLW #218), Pip Hinman outlines the problems with our political system, but for a solution simply says, "We have to create new institutions of democracy that involve a majority of
Politics after elections The ACTU leadership launched into its usual pre-election bluster last week. Addressing an ALP union rally at Melbourne Town Hall on February 21, ACTU secretary Bill Kelty threatened "industrial warfare" and wage claims of
The Greens, economics and fairytales The GreensBy Bob Brown and Peter SingerThe Text Publishing Company, 1996. 198 pp., $14.95Reviewed by Lisa Macdonald This book by Green Senate candidates Bob Brown and Peter Singer is the first attempt to
By Norm Dixon The International Monetary Fund is standing over the impoverished, war-shattered southern African country of Mozambique because the government has had the temerity to announce measures to try to improve the lives of its people.
Jim at 50 Back then, when our daddies and mummies came together in prodigious numbers, we were born. And golly, there were lots of us. To be born after the war made us a lucky bunch of so and sos. Times were good. There were more jobs going than you
By Pip Hinman Several anti-immigration independents and parties are standing in the federal elections. While they claim not to be racist, Graeme Campbell, Australians Against Further Immigration Party, Reclaim Australia: Reduce Immigration and
By Vaarunika Dharmapala PERTH — Negotiations the claim of the Australian Nurses Federation (ANF) for a wage increase of 10% for all general public sector nurses, and other demands, have ended. The proposals went to state cabinet on February 19.


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