By Bill Mason BRISBANE — "Close US bases! Stop nuclear testing!" were the main slogans for a protest rally held in the City Square here on December 1, as part of national actions to present the US government with a "people's eviction notice" for
The right-wing, anti-Asian, anti-environmentalist Labor backbencher from Kalgoorlie, Graeme Campbell, has finally been dumped by his party. The latest of his many outbursts against Asian immigration, at a meeting organised by Australians Against
Take and eat it she said This is my body which is given for you anorexia, bulimia constant scrutiny plastic surgery cellulite silicone dieting obsession exercise pressure To this I do not say NO but WHEN I do say NO No one believes me — she was
By Sujatha Fernandes For some time the West, in particular the US government, has been warning about the arms build-up in south Asia. While the nuclear arms race between India and Pakistan is cause for concern, especially given the rise of Islamic
Based on highly reliable international contacts, leaked documents and horoscopes from several TV magazines, Nostradamus' Media Watch presents a highly accurate forecast of political events across the globe. Nigeria accused of political assassinations
DON ROJAS is the former director of communications for the National Alliance for the Advancement of Coloured People and a former editor of the New York Amsterdam News. He was press secretary for Maurice Bishop during the 1979 revolution in the
Alana Kerr MELBOURNE — The Women's Circus' new show, Leaping the Wire, is playing at The Old Brickworks in Brunswick until December 9. A version will be performed at the Sydney Festival in early January. The Women's Circus is a feminist theatre
By Nick Soudakoff MANILA — Twenty-one trade unions and urban poor organisations have set up a tent city outside Congress to demand, among other democratic rights, an end to employers' attacks on unions. The Tent City campaign, begun on September 4,
By Geoff Spencer MELBOURNE — In the wake of two fatal shootings in mid-November — putting the number of people killed by Victorian police at 12 since January 1994 — the police force is moving to speed up the introduction of oleoresin capsicum
By Karen Fletcher SYDNEY — The Carr government has decided to close the Dover Heights College of TAFE less than three weeks before the end of the academic year. Staff and students of the college have been left wondering what will happen to them
By Janet Parker SYDNEY — "Abortion: Potential crime or medical service?" was the theme of the second national conference of the Abortion Rights Network of Australia (ARNA) held on November 25. Reports on campaigns for improved access to abortion
The Coming Plague — Newly emerging diseases in a world out of balanceBy Laurie GarrettVirago, 1995. $29.95Reviewed by Dot Tumney "Ultimately, humanity will have to change its perspective on its place in Earth's ecology if the species hopes to stave