Greens (WA) As the Green Left reported (# 17), I posted a letter on Pegasus about the involvement of the Greens (WA) in the national liaison process. I made a statement which was cited in this paper to the effect that actions were taken in virtual
Muhammad Quneitah is the head of the Federation of Palestinian Labour Unions in the Gaza Strip. The following interview with him is abridged from the Jerusalem Palestinian weekly, Al-Fajr. Reports from the occupied territories say that Palestinian
Rainbow 'no' to elections Victorian Rainbow Alliance members have rejected a proposal to contest seats in the next state elections. A referendum on the proposal was defeated by 71 votes to 67. The proposal needed a two-thirds majority to win.
By Ian Powell The New Zealand National government's Employment Contracts Act, which removed legal recognition from unions, became law on 15 May. From Wellington, IAN POWELL describes how workers are faring in the new situation. Prior to the
By Kevin Healy A week when the future of the working class hinged on one vote, between Stephen Loosely-a-socialist and Barry Pick-a-box, all because someone didn't pick a box, or picked the wrong box, or whatever. Having got that piece of critical
By Steve Painter The proposed August 3-4 national meeting on formation of a green party has definitely been postponed. Confirmation of this comes in a covering letter from the five "conveners" accompanying a longer letter from Senator Jo
Blake escape pair free A British jury has acquitted veteran peace activists Michael Randall and Patrick Pottle on charges arising from their role in the escape of double agent George Blake from jail. Randall and Pottle told the court they acted on
Gail Lord What keeps the sacked workers at Vista Paper Products, in the outer Sydney suburb of Emu Plains, cheerful and determined on the picket line after nearly four months? The workers have been locked out since March 4 by an employer demanding
By Elayne Rapping Watching this amazing documentary of Madonna's "Blond Ambition" tour, I thought constantly of Bob Dylan. That's not as weird as it sounds. In 1965, at the height of Dylan's equally fantastic, culture-changing career, D.A.
'Make the union irrelevant' By Keith Locke AUCKLAND — Australians should be worried about New Zealand's anti-union legislation crossing the Tasman. The first company to conduct a national campaign against unions under the Employment


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