By Tracy Sorensen "Words can hardly describe how beautiful it is — so pure, so majestic, it's almost humbling", says Greenpeace campaigner Kaye Dyson of the vast, pristine, ice-laden continent at the bottom of the planet. "Seeing it for myself
By Peter Boyle and Dave Mizon They couldn't even get their rhetoric straight. Prime Minister Bob Hawke ended the ALP national conference with a call for the Industrial Relations Commission to reopen the national wage case while ACTU secretary Bill
End Kuwait trials — Amnesty Amnesty International has called for a halt to trials of "collaborators" in Kuwait, and for the commutation of death sentences already passed. An "urgent action" statement from the human rights group notes in part:
Pictures of Belfast SYDNEY — An exhibition of photographs from war-torn Belfast by freelance photographer Frankie Quinn is on display at the Bondi Pavilion June 26-July 7 from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily. Frankie Quinn grew up in a community
Winter holidays ... No, we're not really going skiing. But after issue number 20 (July 10), we are going to take a two-week break coinciding with the Green Left Annual General Meeting and Socialist Scholars Conference, both in Melbourne. The July
Muhammad Quneitah is the head of the Federation of Palestinian Labour Unions in the Gaza Strip. The following interview with him is abridged from the Jerusalem Palestinian weekly, Al-Fajr. Reports from the occupied territories say that Palestinian
Rainbow 'no' to elections Victorian Rainbow Alliance members have rejected a proposal to contest seats in the next state elections. A referendum on the proposal was defeated by 71 votes to 67. The proposal needed a two-thirds majority to win.
Greens (WA) As the Green Left reported (# 17), I posted a letter on Pegasus about the involvement of the Greens (WA) in the national liaison process. I made a statement which was cited in this paper to the effect that actions were taken in virtual
By Kevin Healy A week when the future of the working class hinged on one vote, between Stephen Loosely-a-socialist and Barry Pick-a-box, all because someone didn't pick a box, or picked the wrong box, or whatever. Having got that piece of critical
By Steve Painter The proposed August 3-4 national meeting on formation of a green party has definitely been postponed. Confirmation of this comes in a covering letter from the five "conveners" accompanying a longer letter from Senator Jo


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