By Alice Davis

ADELAIDE — The royal commission into the Hindmarsh Island bridge fiasco was jolted on July 27 by the one of the key governmental witnesses' withdrawal of his statements. Doug Milera's earlier claims that Aboriginal women's

DSS bans over system failure

By Jim McIlroy

BRISBANE — Union members at Department of Social Security offices and teleservice centres around the country have launched a campaign of bans and reduced public contact hours over

@lhead = Law and Aborigines

@letter = Let us find a way to incorporate Aboriginal customary law into our justice system.

@letter = There have been many examples of ethnic or religious minorities having a large degree of autonomy

Anger at ship scuttling

By Ben Courtice

HOBART — The wreck of the BHP ship Iron Baron on July 10, and the resultant slick of 300 tonnes of fuel oil off the north coast of Tasmania, is one the state's worst environmental

@caps = SYDNEY — On July 29, 30 people from Resistance, the Democratic Socialist Party, Aksi, Australia East Timor Association and Anti-Bases Campaign held a protest against the Kangaroo '95 military exercises due to begin this week. The activists


By Shane Riley

@poetry = One dream

@poetry = of freedom returned

@poetry = The way of our people

@poetry = our religion, our culture

@poetry = The land we roamed

@poetry = for over 40,000

ACT students against nuclear tests and Francophobia

By Tony Iltis

CANBERRA — On July 19, 100 students marched from Parliament House to the French embassy, chanting "Non aux essais! Oui   la paix!" (No to testing! Yes to

By Jennifer Thompson

"End the arms embargo" was the main demand of a demonstration of 6000 Bosnians and their supporters in Melbourne on July 23 to protest against the war in Bosnia. Speakers included representatives from the Labor and

By Jennifer Thompson

The latest deadline for Palestinian elections and Israeli redeployment from occupied Palestinian territories, July 25, has passed without any agreement between the Israeli government and the Palestinian National

Les Parents Terribles

By Jean Cocteau

Sydney Theatre Company

Drama Theatre, Opera House until September 2

Reviewed by Helen Jarvis

It is a strange coincidence that at the very time that the perfidy of the French


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