Study links home pesticides and cancer A study recently published in the American Journal of Public Health has found elevated rates of cancer in children exposed to pesticides in their homes and gardens. The study by researchers in North
By Max Lane In the early morning of April 20, security forces raided a house in Medan, North Sumatra, arresting 13 student activists from the Students in Solidarity with Democracy in Indonesia (SMID), including its international affairs officer,
There is renewed focus on Cambodia as that country marks the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Khmer Rouge regime, which between 1975 and 1979 resulted in the deaths of 1-2 million of the country's 7-8 million people. Dr HELEN JARVIS is a
By Dave Wright SYDNEY — The Marxist education conference, held at Glebe High School, attracted around 250 people from across NSW. The majority of participants were young activists from a variety of campaigns and movements in Sydney, Canberra,
By Kath Gelber The subject of Helen Garner's new book, The First Stone, is ostensibly a sexual harassment case at Melbourne University's Ormond College in 1992. Two young women who alleged sexual harassment by a college master sought redress,
Public meeting on jobs and the environment By Angela Jordan ADELAIDE - The Native Forest Alliance (NFA) organised a successful public meeting of 60 community activists on April 21 to discuss the campaign against the woodchipping of
By Jennifer Thompson WA Greens senators Dee Margetts and Christabel Chamarette are opposing social spending cuts in the 1995 federal budget, arguing instead for an increase in corporate taxation and cuts to defence spending. Speaking to
Election funding In the April 12 issue of Green Left Weekly, Lisa Macdonald echoed the line of the mainstream media by trying to portray the recent increase in public funding for election campaigns as some sort of money grab by Australia's
Editorial: Vietnam's victory April 30 is the 20th anniversary of the liberation of Saigon, the end of the Vietnam War. Twenty years ago this week, the socialist fortnightly Direct Action declared, "Saigon liberated! A victory for all humanity."
ADELAIDE — National Action were stopped in their tracks in Glenelg by about 400 angry protesters and supportive onlookers on April 22. The anti-racist protesters refused to allow National Action to march until their flag poles were confiscated, but
Pocket change: an interview By Brandon Astor Jones Would you mind telling me how long you were homeless before you came to prison? Altogether, about five months. Did you work before you fell on hard times, and if so, what did you


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