Poor Super Man By Brad Fraser Sydney Theatre Company's New Stages Wharf 2, Sydney, until April 29 Reviewed by Peter Boyle Q: Have you heard the rumour that Superman was gay? His obituary in the November 20, 1992, Sydney Morning Herald
Australia 1995 By John Tomlinson As we woodchip our way towards a forest policy, setting up bilby abattoirs in Pitjantjatjara country, our journalists inquire of highly paid bankers whether we should put up interest rates in order to
Beddall's bungling gives hope for the forests By Dailan Pugh Little did federal resource minister David Beddall realise, when he gave the woodchippers a Christmas present of 6 million tonnes of woodchips, that he would set in train a series
United States: Essays 1952-1992 By Gore Vidal Abacus, 1994. 1295 pp., $19.95 (pb) Reviewed by Phil Shannon Gore Vidal has, for most of his 70 years, been writing novels, plays, essays and journalism in a brave attempt to hold back the
Meeting supports sexuality bill By Leon Harrison PERTH — On April 4, 25 members of Perth's gay community met with Australian Democrat Sid Spindler to support his proposed bill to outlaw discrimination on the grounds of sexuality.
The 130 islands of French Polynesia extend over 2.5 million square kilometres of ocean, and include coral reef systems in various states of health. There is little scientific information available on many of these reefs, but it's obvious that reefs
Hilton explosion I am not quite sure of the point of attempting to maintain that what happened outside the Sydney Hilton Hotel on 13 February 1978 was not a bombing as Joan Coxsedge and Gerry Harant do in their article "Fallout from an
Not Necessarily Stoned Society Through Disculture Reviewed by Norm Dixon This terrific little CD single, by Sydney-based band Society, came as a pleasant surprise when I popped it onto my stereo. Two extended tracks focus on issues that
Comment by Reihana Mohideen In his recently published book Socialism: What Went Wrong?, Irwin Silber, long-term activist in the US left and editorial member of Crossroads magazine, argues that there has been no objective basis for socialist
Bump me into parliament Dave Riley How do you reckon I'd go as prime minister? It's a thought, isn't it? Instead of the glint from John Howard's glasses, the light at the end of the tunnel could be me. Of course, I'd keep doing these


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