Looking out: Wrestling with images By Brandon Astor Jones Recently I took the time to observe closely the so-called "wrestling match" on Saturday morning television. One combatant, the African-American, who I will refer to as Brother Man
Menzies' Child: the Liberal Party of Australia 1944-1994 By Gerard Henderson Allen and Unwin, 1994. 382pp. (CD included), $29.95 (pb) Reviewed by Frank Noakes "Standing in front of a Union Jack, Menzies proclaimed that the Liberal Party
By Deepa Fernandes MELBOURNE — Racism, masquerading as environmentalism, is the focus of a party that ran in the Kooyong by-election on November 19. Australians Against Further Immigration (AAFI), with candidate Angela Walker, ran against a
By Stephen Robson PERTH — Fifty-four thousand hectares of old growth karri and jarrah forest in the southern and central forests in WA are to be clear-felled by 1997, a report by the WA Conservation Council has revealed. Released on
New CDs Didgeridoo Concerto Enrec Studios through Larrikin Duende Ellipsis Arts Reviewed by Francesca Davidson Didgeridoo Concerto is an impressive 51 minutes of solo didgeridoo playing by musician Mark Atkins — reputedly


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