Indian Ocean union conference By Stephen Robson PERTH — The third Indian Ocean Region Trade Union conference concluded here on November 25. Represented at the six-day conference were 60 overseas trade unionists from South Africa, India,
By Tony Hastings "We were all like brothers and sisters, we're all in it together. We thought we might all get arrested — and we did!", laughs Russel, a Skyrail blockader. The blockade hopes to stop Skyrail, a privately owned cable-car
Solidarity donations for Cuba The Pastors for Peace Friendshipment caravan crossed the US border into Canada on November 17 with 150 tons of solidarity donations for Cuba. Nevertheless, US customs officials confiscated some of the aid. Radio
Journalist fights for job By Sean Lennon MELBOURNE — The campaign by US journalist Sandy Nelson to get her job back has received international support. In 1990 Nelson was moved to a non-reporting, copy editing job on the Morning News
By Frank Noakes In the early 1970s the North Sydney Council made a big mistake in annoying 40-year-old Edward Carrington Mack. Plans to build a 17-storey office block against his back fence transformed the quiet government architect into the
Prayer of the Foetus Worshippers By Dave Riley Every time I open my wallet an avalanche of lubricated prophylactic extra sensitive thingdimmanies tumble right out. I must find a better spot for them. If nothing "happens" soon, I'll just
WA TAFE teachers' dispute By Stephen Robson PERTH — In early November, temporary teachers with TAFE were given a matter of days to sign new workplace agreements that dramatically cut working conditions. The Education Department threatened
Comment by Jeremy Smith MELBOURNE — The Kennett government has unleashed a plan for massive restructuring of Melbourne, ostensibly to promote economic recovery but in reality giving open slather to big business. Forced council amalgamations
Green Left Weekly is read across the country and around the world. It is distributed on the streets, through some shops, by subscriptions and via electronic mail. How widely read is Green Left Weekly? A letter from a prisoner in Jackson,
This statement is by Colectivo Mujeres, Vida y Derechos Humanos (Collective of Women for Life and Human Rights), based in Melbourne. We are a collective of women that began working at the end of 1992 in Melbourne with the objective of denouncing
By Max Lane Indonesian dissident academic George Aditjondro addressed a meeting of more than 60 East Timorese at Cabramatta Community Centre on November 22. The meeting was chaired by the president of the Timorese Democratic Union (UDT), Joa
Looking out: Wrestling with images By Brandon Astor Jones Recently I took the time to observe closely the so-called "wrestling match" on Saturday morning television. One combatant, the African-American, who I will refer to as Brother Man
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