Public transport The recent University of Technology finding that in parts of George Street in the CBD the level of benzene — a cancer causing agent in petrol — is 500 per cent higher than the recommended safety standard reinforces the need
By Cassandra Fazio I am on the plane, descending into Sydney, having left California the day of our tragic election results. I am seated next to a US pollster, one who finally asked my opinion of our democratic charade. I lamented that our
Richmond campaign vindicated By Geoff Spencer MELBOURNE — Two years after Richmond Secondary College was closed in the first round of school cuts, the Kennett government has endorsed a report that recommends the expansion of coeducation
Prayer of the Foetus Worshippers By Dave Riley Every time I open my wallet an avalanche of lubricated prophylactic extra sensitive thingdimmanies tumble right out. I must find a better spot for them. If nothing "happens" soon, I'll just
NSW teachers strike in support of pay claim By Paul Oboohov SYDNEY — NSW school and TAFE teachers struck for 24 hours on November 23 in support of their 10% pay claim. This shut a fifth of NSW schools, with TAFE and the Education
By Frank Noakes In the early 1970s the North Sydney Council made a big mistake in annoying 40-year-old Edward Carrington Mack. Plans to build a 17-storey office block against his back fence transformed the quiet government architect into the
No cheap stuff "If you buy cheap stuff, it looks awful, it chips and breaks. It is difficult to get, as distinct from 50 years ago." — Kevin Rozzoli, speaker of the NSW Legislative Assembly, explaining the need to spend $180,000 for fine bone


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