By Frank Noakes In the early 1970s the North Sydney Council made a big mistake in annoying 40-year-old Edward Carrington Mack. Plans to build a 17-storey office block against his back fence transformed the quiet government architect into the
No cheap stuff "If you buy cheap stuff, it looks awful, it chips and breaks. It is difficult to get, as distinct from 50 years ago." — Kevin Rozzoli, speaker of the NSW Legislative Assembly, explaining the need to spend $180,000 for fine bone
Prayer of the Foetus Worshippers By Dave Riley Every time I open my wallet an avalanche of lubricated prophylactic extra sensitive thingdimmanies tumble right out. I must find a better spot for them. If nothing "happens" soon, I'll just
International Playhouse — New Every Morning — This comedy tells of Nelson and Althea, a middle-class couple who are endearingly indecisive, especially when it comes to the issue of "babies". They muddle through trying desperately to come to terms
This statement is by Colectivo Mujeres, Vida y Derechos Humanos (Collective of Women for Life and Human Rights), based in Melbourne. We are a collective of women that began working at the end of 1992 in Melbourne with the objective of denouncing
Music for East Timor By Sally-Anne Watson DARWIN — A concert by local musicians was held with a permit in Raintree Park on November 24. Onlookers displayed placards and banners reading "Human Rights for East Timor" and "Referendum for
By Max Lane Indonesian dissident academic George Aditjondro addressed a meeting of more than 60 East Timorese at Cabramatta Community Centre on November 22. The meeting was chaired by the president of the Timorese Democratic Union (UDT), Joa
BRISBANE — A suburban train guard has started private legal action to force the state branch of the Public Transport Union to hold its first annual general meeting in at least 20 years. Gary Dale has asked the court for an order requiring the
By Zanny Begg Before the last sitting of federal parliament this year, 10 woodchipping licences come up for renewal. These licences threaten 764 areas of high conservation value, including 485 areas of old growth forest and 11 wilderness areas.
If you can't wait for a shock Electro Convulsive Therapy Rollins Band Imago through BMG Reviewed by Nick Fredman Henry Rollins, the Nietzschean superman of rock and roll, and his band have released a live album recorded in 1992. It's


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