International Playhouse — New Every Morning — This comedy tells of Nelson and Althea, a middle-class couple who are endearingly indecisive, especially when it comes to the issue of "babies". They muddle through trying desperately to come to terms
This statement is by Colectivo Mujeres, Vida y Derechos Humanos (Collective of Women for Life and Human Rights), based in Melbourne. We are a collective of women that began working at the end of 1992 in Melbourne with the objective of denouncing
If you can't wait for a shock Electro Convulsive Therapy Rollins Band Imago through BMG Reviewed by Nick Fredman Henry Rollins, the Nietzschean superman of rock and roll, and his band have released a live album recorded in 1992. It's
By Kamini Junankar and Eva Schmid CANBERRA — More than 2000 people took part in Forest Embassy protests against the destruction of high conservation value forests and called for the end of export woodchipping. The embassy, organised by
BRISBANE — A suburban train guard has started private legal action to force the state branch of the Public Transport Union to hold its first annual general meeting in at least 20 years. Gary Dale has asked the court for an order requiring the
By Zanny Begg Before the last sitting of federal parliament this year, 10 woodchipping licences come up for renewal. These licences threaten 764 areas of high conservation value, including 485 areas of old growth forest and 11 wilderness areas.
First CD from Chain of Hearts Come On In Chain of Hearts Reviewed by Kylie Budge Chain Of Hearts' debut CD catches you by surprise. The photograph on the cover of band members thrashing around in a pool complete with a big orange
When the yuppies move in, they try to move everyone else out. ANGELA MATHESON reports on the gentrification of inner suburban Sydney. When Stephen Goddard bought a combined house and legal practice in Surry Hills two years ago, he thought he'd
The sins are the advertisers' Real Gorgeous: the truth about body and beauty By Kaz Cooke Allen and Unwin, 1994. 260 pp., $19.95 Reviewed by Kylie Budge "According to diet lore, 'indulging' or 'giving in to temptation' is a 'sin'.
Mary Starring Lucy Bell, Linden Wilkinson and Brendan Higgins Writer/director Kay Pavlou Reviewed by Catherine Brown The beatification of Mary MacKillop, to take place in Sydney in January by Pope John Paul II, has probably not escaped the
Women get AIDS too By Kath Gelber December 1 is again World AIDS Day. Around Australia and internationally fundraising and awareness-raising events have been organised, some more light-hearted and others more serious. In Sydney's Double
By Robyn Marshall BRISBANE — A meeting of 29 members of the Steel-Line garage factory on November 22 decided to reject the recommendations of their union lawyer in a reconciliation process and stay on strike. The Latin American, mostly
Goss under fire over Hinchinbrook fiasco By Bill Mason BRISBANE — Conservationists have criticised the use of taxpayers' money to fund full-page advertisements attempting to justify the Queensland government's actions over the
Marxism and the Philosophy of Language By V.N. Volosinov Harvard University Press ??? Reviewed by Neville Spencer Although originally published in Russian in 1929, this work was not published in English until 1973. Since then it has come
Journalist fights for job By Sean Lennon MELBOURNE — The campaign by US journalist Sandy Nelson to get her job back has received international support. In 1990 Nelson was moved to a non-reporting, copy editing job on the Morning News
By Jennifer Thompson SYDNEY — The Statewide Disability Crisis Coalition erected a tent city in Hyde Park, in the city centre, between November 24 and 26. The action, part of an ongoing campaign for government support for people with


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