Solidarity donations for Cuba The Pastors for Peace Friendshipment caravan crossed the US border into Canada on November 17 with 150 tons of solidarity donations for Cuba. Nevertheless, US customs officials confiscated some of the aid. Radio
By Peter Montague The immune system is a complex set of specialised cells and organs that defends the body against attack. When it functions properly, the immune system fights off diseases caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites and cancer
Journalist fights for job By Sean Lennon MELBOURNE — The campaign by US journalist Sandy Nelson to get her job back has received international support. In 1990 Nelson was moved to a non-reporting, copy editing job on the Morning News
By Jennifer Thompson SYDNEY — The Statewide Disability Crisis Coalition erected a tent city in Hyde Park, in the city centre, between November 24 and 26. The action, part of an ongoing campaign for government support for people with
Comment by Jeremy Smith MELBOURNE — The Kennett government has unleashed a plan for massive restructuring of Melbourne, ostensibly to promote economic recovery but in reality giving open slather to big business. Forced council amalgamations
Medicare under attack A newly formed lobby group, the General Practice Forum, has called for the end of bulk-billing, free consultations and the free at-point-of-service provision of such items as vaccines and bandages. This is the opening shot
Green Left Weekly is read across the country and around the world. It is distributed on the streets, through some shops, by subscriptions and via electronic mail. How widely read is Green Left Weekly? A letter from a prisoner in Jackson,
Protest over wilderness road By Kevin L'Huillier HOBART — A storm has erupted over a proposal to construct what has become known as "the road to nowhere" through pristine wilderness areas. The state Liberals promised at the last
Health cuts kill patients By Karl Miller MELBOURNE — The Liberal government here has cut $190 million from hospitals in two years. To meet new budgets, Melbourne hospitals have recently announced closures totalling more than 200 beds and
By Max Anderson LONDON — The Defend Clause Four Campaign, organised by the Socialist Campaign Group of Labour MPs and MEPs, was launched on Saturday, November 12, at a church hall near Euston station. This campaign was begun in response


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