True believers, please note "The employers have got to grow up and stand up. This government and the trade unions have got the inflation rate under 2% for them; now they have to help themselves to keep it there." — PM Keating, urging bosses
Power station provokes concern By Elaine Chew Federal and state government greenhouse reduction policies proved ineffective as the NSW Land and Environment Court gave approval for the Redbank power station in the Hunter Valley
Straight Left By Tom Uren Random House, 1994. 500 pp., $39.95 (hb) Reviewed by Frank Noakes It was the hottest Sydney October day in 100 years. In the humidity, squeezed between potted palms and the odd federal government
Socialists announce national conference SYDNEY — The Democratic Socialist Party (DSP) has announced plans to hold its 16th national conference near here from January 3 to 8. Doug Lorimer, conference spokesperson, told Green
Campaign to free political prisoner in Chile Maria Cristina San Juan was arrested in March 1992 together with her husband and son. Since then she has been accused of terrorism and sentenced to life imprisonment. Currently she is at St
NSW teachers vote to strike By Paul Oboohov SYDNEY — By a vote of 98%, NSW teachers at statewide stop-work meetings on November 10 endorsed a wage campaign of 10%, backed by a 24-hour strike on November 23. The meetings had
By Lynne Segal Feminist sex radicals (who in these times are almost always lesbians) have repeatedly challenged heterosexual feminists "to come out of the closet". We're still waiting, they tell us, wearily, for you to discuss your
By Peter Montague The New York Times recently described a dark trend. In the US, and overseas, the rich are getting richer, the poor are getting poorer, and the people in the middle are becoming less and less secure about their future. And
Comment by Vannessa Hearman MELBOURNE — The choice of former Labor premier Joan Kirner as chair of this year's Reclaim the Night rally here ignores the anti-woman policies enacted by her government. In her speech, Kirner
Billy Hughes I hear the WWF will put W.M.(Billy) Hughes in the famous wharfies' mural at 63 Sussex St.,Sydney. Billy Hughes tried to conscript all of Australia's youth for the human slaughter-house in France. He tried to
Goss drops freeway publicity By Bill Mason BRISBANE — The Goss government has shelved plans for early public consultation in planning Brisbane's next major freeway. Publication of a map showing the likely route of
Editorial: Racism: education, not legislation The federal government's controversial Racial Hatred Bill will amend the Crimes Act to make it a criminal offence to incite racial hatred "against a person or a group of persons on the ground
With the economy growing rapidly, DICK NICHOLS looks at the prospects for an extended upturn. As a group, Australia's economic forecasters have a rather poor record. Few predicted the heights that interest rates would reach in 1988-89;
YVONNE FRANCIS attended the Australian Forest Conference, held on October 24-25 at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. Here she presents her impressions. After the first day, I reckoned that this was going to be the best holiday
By Ana Kailis BRISBANE — The recent furore in Queensland over the practice of second trimester abortions being performed by Dr David Grundmann has again highlighted the inadequacy of women's access to abortion in Australia. In
The Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit, meeting on November 15 in Jakarta, will be discussing proposals for the removal of all barriers to free trade between the 16 participating countries by 2020, and possibly by 2010 for the developed


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