By Norm Dixon

JOHANNESBURG — The militant three-week strike by workers at the Pick 'n Pay supermarket chain has been settled. The outcome reflects that neither the workers, their union, the SACCAWU, nor Pick 'n Pay management were able to get

By Maurice Sibelle

BRISBANE — Two thousand five hundred people rallied in Brisbane's King George Square to protest the privatisation of public enterprises on August 4. Ian McLean, former state president of the Queensland ALP and secretary of

Absurdism and hidden information

The Two Executioners
Directed by Douglas Horton
Adapted from a play by Fernando Arrabal
Performed by Chamber Made Opera
Starring Bernadette Robinson
Napier Street Theatre, South Melbourne
Until August

By Chris Spindler

The current drought throughout farming regions in parts of South Australia, Western Australia, Victoria and particularly in NSW and central Queensland is close to the worst this century. Forty five per cent of NSW has been

By Jenny Long

The confrontation between Palestinian workers and Israeli soldiers at the Erez checkpoint on July 17, described by the Jerusalem Times as the "revolution of the hungry" has highlighted the desperate need for real change in the

ADELAIDE — The South Australian Institute of Teachers is planning a rally for September 3 and has proposed a series of strikes and school stoppages to protest the state Liberal government's cuts to public education.

SAIT president, Claire


SYDNEY — The Ecocalendar is a quarterly listing of environmental and social ecology organisations and events. In addition to three months of events listed in a planner format, there is a listing of progressive organisations with

By Tom Kelly

The 49th anniversary of the dropping of the atom bomb on the Japanese city of Hiroshima was commemorated in a number of Australian cities on August 6. The occasion served to highlight the threat to humanity and the environment posed

No to US/UN invasion of Haiti

The UN Security Council resolution authorising "all necessary means to facilitate the departure from Haiti of the military leadership" sets the political framework for a US-led invasion of Haiti under UN cover.

South Africans demand US ends Cuba blockade

By Norm Dixon

JOHANNESBURG — Pickets were held in several South African cities on July 26 to demand that the United States government end its blockade of Cuba. Over a hundred people braved a


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