US President Donald Trump made the unprecedented threat to “totally destroy” North Korea, not in a tweet or off the cuff remark, but in a written speech before the United Nations General Assembly on September 20. No other leader of a country has ever stood before the UN and openly stated its intention to destroy another country. 

Coupled with Trump’s earlier threat to rain down “fire and fury” on North Korea, this threat must be seen as one that at least includes the possibility of a nuclear attack.

Fundamental Feminism
By Judith Grant
Routledge 1994
Distributed by the Law Book Company Limited 226 pp., $32.95 (pbk)
Reviewed by Carla Gorton

Judith Grant has embarked on a worthwhile endeavour. She offers a critical exploration of the

Black humour from Eastern Europe

Three Colours White
A film by Krysztof Kieslowski
Showing at Sydney's Academy Twin
Reviewed by Peter Boyle

If you like your comedy Eastern European black, this is a film for you. The second of

South Africans demand US ends Cuba blockade

By Norm Dixon

JOHANNESBURG — Pickets were held in several South African cities on July 26 to demand that the United States government end its blockade of Cuba. Over a hundred people braved a

Independent challenges Labor in Williamstown

By Bayardo Rodriguez

MELBOURNE — "Our central aim is to highlight the need to reverse the effects of the last decade of federal and state Labor policies on the west. The ALP's policies of

Distant Voices
By John Pilger
Vintage, 1994, 625 pp., $14.95 (pb)
Reviewed by Phil Shannon

In Distant Voices, John Pilger is once again on a mission to "rescue from media oblivion uncomfortable facts" about our human and political world.

Bougainville war crimes inquiry

By Lynda Hansen

BRISBANE — The citizens-initiated Bougainville War Crimes Inquiry was held here on August 1 during the 25th South Pacific Conference to draw attention to Australia's approval of Papua New

South east tollway opposed

By Dave Riley

BRISBANE — More than 7000 people rallied in the Daisy Hill State Forest on July 31 to protest the state Labor government's plan to forge a new road link between Brisbane and the Gold Coast through

By Norm Dixon

JOHANNESBURG — Twenty five thousand workers employed in South Africa's car assembly industry have begun a national strike in support a 12% wage increase and the elimination of apartheid wage differentials.

Speaking on August

By Jon Land

Military cooperation between Australia and Indonesia has been boosted with Defence Minister Robert Ray and defence force chief Admiral Allan Beaumont's five-day visit to Indonesia. The high-level discussions, which began on August 1,


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