US President Donald Trump made the unprecedented threat to “totally destroy” North Korea, not in a tweet or off the cuff remark, but in a written speech before the United Nations General Assembly on September 20. No other leader of a country has ever stood before the UN and openly stated its intention to destroy another country. 

Coupled with Trump’s earlier threat to rain down “fire and fury” on North Korea, this threat must be seen as one that at least includes the possibility of a nuclear attack.

Party On, Dave.

I'm a party person. I like to enrich my calendar with the occasional rage. If there's a turn on somewhere, I'll be there — usually in the kitchen in close proximity to the refrigerator. Although my tipple has changed over the

Count ourselves lucky?

"Even though we ended up with a boom and a recession which followed ... it could have been catastrophic." Paul Keating explaining how the ALP's skills in managing economic policy avoided hardship and economic turmoil.

By Phil Clarke

China's economy, which as recorded more than 13% growth in 1992 and 1993, is the fastest growing in the world. Despite that, it is a dramatic example of the dictum that, without a profound change in the social relations of

Rwanda formally won independence from Belgium in 1962. Since then the country has been run by neo-colonial puppet governments financed and armed along divide-and-rule lines first by Belgium and, from 1975, by France. DAVID DORWARD, Director of the

Thousands of dollars raised for Cuba

By Eliseo Balcazar and Scott Lewington

MELBOURNE — Four hundred and fifty people attended a July 30 celebration commemorating the 35th anniversary of the Cuban Revolution. The event, organised by the

By Theogene Rudasingwe

Rwanda is distinctive among the countries of Africa for the small size of its territory and the high density of its population (7.5 million people, 285 inhabitants per square kilometre).

It is inhabited by a people

ANC Environment Desk chief Tami Sokutu has slammed his party for going back on its environmental promises, saying that those in power appear to want a weak, limited and ineffective ministry and department of the environment.

"Before the

Women and violence

Your cover story (GLW #153) "Violence Against Women: debate over strategy" by Kath Gelber disturbs me.

From all the reports I have heard, the situation regarding violence against women is presently a worst case scenario

June 1994 marked the 25th anniversary of the riots sparked by police raids on New York's Stonewall Inn. These demonstrations signalled the rise of a radical movement for lesbian and gay liberation. RODNEY CROOME of the Tasmanian Gay and Lesbian


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