June 5 is World Environment Day. For most newspapers around the country, this is a signal to project a token green face for one day. To set one issue aside to make some noises about the environmental crisis and that we are all, after all, to blame.

By Ian Powell

WELLINGTON — The major industrial dispute is under way between the recently privatised New Zealand Rail company and the ferry crews it employs. NZ Rail operates the ferries that ship passengers, vehicles and freight between New

By Paul Walker

LONDON — Outside there were 150 protesters shouting, "Suharto, Major, CIA — how many kids have you killed today!" Inside there were 20 token shareholders making life hell for the British Aerospace board.

Shareholders at

By Craig Cormick

Based on highly reliably international contacts, leaked documents and horoscopes from several TV magazines, Nostradamus' Media Watch presents a highly accurate forecast of political events across the globe.

Queen receives

ABC-TV, Monday
Reviewed by Dave Riley

This is true: my jaw dropped during the first episode of Frontline and I still can't pucker up. In my prepubescent foolishness, I once kissed the TV screen during The Mickey Mouse Club in the

Frogs at science show

By Benyardo Rodriguez

MELBOURNE — The Great Australian Science Show will be held at the Science Museum at Spotswood between June 3 and 5. Unlike other science shows, it boasts that it provides a forum for "working

By Paul Clarke

While Palestinian police were gradually replacing the withdrawing Israeli soldiers in Jericho and the Gaza Strip, Israel launched new terror raids against Arab towns in Lebanon and the West Bank, under the pretext of hunting down

Reinventing the Liberals

The ousting of John Hewson from the Liberal leadership represents more than a shuffling of the pack. Installing the media's "youth ticket" of Alexander Downer and Peter Costello marks a sharp turn to the right of the

By Kirill Buketov

MOSCOW — "So far this year we've sold some 100 firms through national auctions, and we'll sell 200 enterprises in the coming months", a Russian government privatisation official exulted to journalists at the end of March.

US-based Rainforest Action Network "Save the Rainforest — Boycott Mitsubishi" campaign coordinator MICHAEL MARX updates the case against Mitsubishi Corporation. Here in Australia, plans are afoot for a new round of demonstrations to keep the


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