The Police Service of Northern Ireland is investigating hate crimes committed at bonfires in unionist (supporters of British rule over Northern Ireland’s six counties) areas on the nights of July 11, An Phoblacht said the next day. Bonfires, which are set alight each July 11 by the members of the unionist community, were strewn with election posters for Irish republican party Sinn Fein and other non-unionist groups, as well as Irish flags and various expressions of sectarianism and bigotry.

US-based Rainforest Action Network "Save the Rainforest — Boycott Mitsubishi" campaign coordinator MICHAEL MARX updates the case against Mitsubishi Corporation. Here in Australia, plans are afoot for a new round of demonstrations to keep the

Reinventing the Liberals

The ousting of John Hewson from the Liberal leadership represents more than a shuffling of the pack. Installing the media's "youth ticket" of Alexander Downer and Peter Costello marks a sharp turn to the right of the

By Kirill Buketov

MOSCOW — "So far this year we've sold some 100 firms through national auctions, and we'll sell 200 enterprises in the coming months", a Russian government privatisation official exulted to journalists at the end of March.

Illawarra environment day

The second World Environment Day march in the Illawarra, on Sunday, June 5, will be a fun, loud celebration of the theme "Save our coastlines".

"The Illawarra is truly gifted with its escarpment and pristine

Presumed Guilty
SBS television
Tuesday, June 7
Reviewed by Paul Clarke

Australia's legal system is modelled on Britain's, and for anyone watching Presumed Guilty, that is not a reassuring thought. The British legal system has been

By Jon Land

Organisers of the Asia Pacific Conference on East Timor (APCET) in Manila have been issued a court order preventing it from going ahead. The restraining order was taken out on May 27 by a private organisation which claims the

By Michael Heaney

Talks between the Irish and British governments, which culminated in the signing of the Downing Street Declaration last December, took a new turn on May 14.

The British government announced the receiving of a detailed list

1. Definition of pure science
examining a given system
using logic and especially mathematics
to model a way the system might work
so as to be able without fail to predict its future state, given enough knowledge of its present state

Comment by Ron Guignard

Lisa Macdonald in "The politics of postmodernism" (GLW April 20) claims that Marxism has it all over other philosophies. This is, she says, because it is scientific. For more than half a century I have seen claims like


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