The following appeal was issued by intellectuals and independent radio "Studio 99" in Sarajevo. Studio 99 is a multi-ethnic station that seeks to promote democracy, peace and progressive causes. Stand up, friends, raise your voices, call upon
By Renfrey Clarke MOSCOW — Asked in a recent survey who really wielded power in Russia, more than 50% of respondents reportedly ticked "the mafia". Facetiousness? Or an accurate perception of the kind of people now rising to wealth and
Agriculture, Environment and Society — Contemporary issues for Australia Edited by Geoffrey Lawrence, Frank Vanclay and Brian Furze Macmillan Australia. 337 pp. $32.95 Reviewed by Dave Riley When Dorothea MacKellar put her patriotic
By Tom Kelly The depletion of the ozone layer is a problem of our own making and potentially under our control. When we look at the seriousness of the problem, however, it's clear that governments are still approaching it in a half-hearted
Women aren't news Is it my imagination, or do threats to men's bodies, fertility or reproductive capacity generate far more sympathy and interest than when the subject is a woman? First, there's the by now infamous case of John Wayne


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