International appeal for Cuba By Pip Hinman On February 12, a rally demanding an end to the US blockade of Cuba will be held in New York City. Silvio Rodriquez, the world famous Cuban singer will attend, and preparations are now well under
By Kath Tucker On January 24 a jury in Virginia found Lorena Bobbitt not guilty of "malicious wounding" because of "temporary insanity". After years of abuse, Lorena cut off her husband's penis. She will be held in a mental institution for 45
By Robyn Marshall The elections "of the century", as they are being called in El Salvador, are just two months away. The political parties had to present their final list of candidates for the presidential, legislative and municipal elections by
By Catherine Brown On January 16, despite a last minute back-down by the French government and a wet, cold winter's day, an estimated 1 million people poured into the streets of Paris to support public education. Thousands more missed out on the
Witness An exhibition by Marija Zrno February 1-6, in the crypt of St Mary's Cathedral St Mary's Rd, Sydney Reviewed by Jasmina Bajraktarevic This is a confronting exhibition of images from the war in Croatia and Bosnia-Hercegovina.
By Vesna Jankovic and Boris Raseta ZAGREB — ARKzin (the name is a compound of two abbreviations — ARK for Anti War Campaign and zin for fanzine) is the monthly newspaper of Antiwar Campaign Croatia (AWC). Between September 1991 and May
By Ian Jamieson ROSEBERY, Tasmania — Amid the backslapping from pundits that Tasmania's economy has turned the corner, giant paper-maker Amcor is to retrench 300 employees. The retrenchments are part of a national package to sack 500 from its
Frank Hardy Frank Hardy, novelist, political activist and campaigner for Aboriginal rights, died of a heart attack at his home in the Melbourne suburb of North Carlton on Friday, January 28, aged 76. As a writer, Hardy was probably best
A leading member of the Green Party of California, HANK CHAPOT, says the that the pendulum of debate in the United States has swung away from the far right of the political spectrum, where it had rested under former presidents Reagan and Bush.
Solidarity conference a success Mick Houlbrook PERTH — A conference held by the newspaper Solidarity here on January 23 was a resounding success. More than 50 people attended the one day event, entitled "Issues and action". The first
The following appeal was issued by intellectuals and independent radio "Studio 99" in Sarajevo. Studio 99 is a multi-ethnic station that seeks to promote democracy, peace and progressive causes. Stand up, friends, raise your voices, call upon
By Renfrey Clarke MOSCOW — Asked in a recent survey who really wielded power in Russia, more than 50% of respondents reportedly ticked "the mafia". Facetiousness? Or an accurate perception of the kind of people now rising to wealth and
Agriculture, Environment and Society — Contemporary issues for Australia Edited by Geoffrey Lawrence, Frank Vanclay and Brian Furze Macmillan Australia. 337 pp. $32.95 Reviewed by Dave Riley When Dorothea MacKellar put her patriotic
By Tom Kelly The depletion of the ozone layer is a problem of our own making and potentially under our control. When we look at the seriousness of the problem, however, it's clear that governments are still approaching it in a half-hearted
Women aren't news Is it my imagination, or do threats to men's bodies, fertility or reproductive capacity generate far more sympathy and interest than when the subject is a woman? First, there's the by now infamous case of John Wayne
New Zealand Alliance supports Cuba A call by US civil rights leader Jesse Jackson for the US government to end its illegal economic blockade of Cuba has been echoed in New Zealand by Alliance international affairs spokesperson Matt Robson.


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