Fake clemency for Gusmao condemned By Max Lane SYDNEY — Spokespersons for the East Timorese liberation movement in Sydney attending the August 14-15 People to People Conference condemned the fake clemency given to resistance leader
By Max Lane On August 19, so-called "international negotiators" Lord Owen and Thorvald Stoltenberg were able to announce agreement over the status of the Bosnian capital, Sarajevo. Disagreement on this issue was acting as an obstacle to the
The Mabo Song A dialogue between a Political Leader and a Captain of Industry By Dermot Dorgan Mr Tim: "Oh Mr Hugh, oh Mr Hugh, o really mean to you? d one day? ds away? dole queue, Mr Hugh?" Mr Hugh: "Oh Mr Tim, oh Mr Tim,
Vegetarianism Fortunately for those wishing to become vegetarians the path is nowhere near as difficult and confusing as Dave Riley's article "Does meat make the meal?" (Green Left 11/8/93). In fact the most difficult part about becoming a
Getting the message out There are a range of ways to network to other progressive organisations and people with Green Left Weekly. Obviously you can write copy on a political happening, place an entry in "Meetings, Parties, Anything..." or
By Gyorgy Scrinis Until the modern era, bread was the symbol and the source of sustenance in many cultures, and was referred to in the bible as the "staff of life". Now, most commercial bread is fluffy, tasteless, and nutritionless, and bread
Protest against murder by police By Nick Fredman LONDON — Chanting "No justice, no peace" and "British police, racist police", 2000 people marched through the north London suburb of Hornsey on August 7 to protest the killing of Joy
Pacific peepshow Pacifica: Tales from the South Seas13-part series commencing Thursday, September 2, 7.30p.m. (7.00p.m. Adelaide) SBS Television Reviewed by Ignatius Kim From musicals (South Pacific, Blue Hawaii) to TV shows
By Nick Everett SYDNEY — The People to People Conference held here over the weekend of August 14-15 to discuss issues of common concern to people in Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Australia, West Papua, East Timor and Bougainville was
Tories target single parents By Julia Perkins LONDON — With the British economy failing to show any consistent signs of recovery, the quest for scapegoats continues: the accusing finger of blame having stabbed at immigrants, the


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