Protest against US bombing of Baghdad

By Jenny Long

SYDNEY — Around 120 people gathered outside the US Consulate on June 29 to protest against the cruise missile bombing of Baghdad by the United States. The protest, which was called by

Indonesian workers group condemns ACTU

The Jakarta-based worker support organisation Yayasan Maju Bersama (YMB — Advance Together Foundation) has called for Australian unions to boycott plans by the ACTU and the Australian government to

By Peter Boyle

A cacophony of outrageous racist statements by the likes of Northern Territory Chief Minister Marshall Perron (Aborigines are "backward", sleep with dogs and share their germs, he says) and Western Mining director Hugh Morgan

No room for Le Pen

France's National Front führer, Jean-Marie Le Pen, and his European Right faction in the European parliament had to cancel a planned conference in Edinburgh when all the hotels refused to accommodate them.


By Jackie Coleman

MANAGUA — In the first of a series of mobilisations leading up to the celebration of the 1979 revolution on July 19, Sandinistas commemorated the 14th annual "Repliegue" on June 26.

The original Repliegue was the

Land rights and 'extremism'

There is nothing that frightens the racists and the moneybags more than a victory — even a partial victory — for the Aboriginal people. Even the half-hearted acknowledgment that Australia's indigenous people

Irish unsafe in British prisons

"Catholic, Irish nationals, once found guilty of offences against the security forces, are subject to systematic or retaliatory harm, physical detention or potential death in Northern Ireland. The security

By Brian Martin

The belief that electoral politics is the same as democracy is deep seated. It is held by people across the political spectrum.

To be sure, there is much dissatisfaction with electioneering. Politicians are sold like

By David Robie

PORT MORESBY — Ever since Prime Minister Paias Wingti gained power last year, his government has had its sights on a second national daily newspaper.

Although Papua New Guinea had long enjoyed the most vigorous press in

The Cuban government has rejected as "grotesquely false" US claims that Cuban guards had shot and killed Cuban citizens seeking asylum in the US military base at Guantánamo.

In Havana on July 8, Cuban foreign minister Roberto Robaina,


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