By Sean Malloy Islamic fundamentalism, and Islam in general, cannot be taken out of historical and political context. Western media hype portraying Islam as an inspiration for terror clouds the real nature of Islam in the Middle East. Green
Brisbane march launches Pride Festival By Nick Everett BRISBANE — Five hundred people participated on Saturday, June 26, in a march and rally organised by the Lesbian and Gay Pride collective as a commemoration of Stonewall and as the
Koalas invade Boral office SYDNEY — Supporters of the Wingham Forest Action Group wielding chainsaws an dressed in koala suits stormed the offices of the Boral Corporation on June 24 to protest against logging of NSW old growth forests.
Ecopolitics VII at Griffith Ecopolitics VII, to be held at Griffith University July 2-4, will have a strong emphasis on global environmental issues and on the links between the environmental, peace, women's and indigenous movements. The
By Nick Johnson PHNOM PENH — A new interim coalition government finally emerged on June 18, nearly three weeks after the end of Cambodia's UN-run elections. The agreement promises an element of stability and the chance to begin desperately
By Ray Fulcher MELBOURNE — Public Sector Union officials and Department of Social Security management have cooked up an enterprise bargaining package which is currently being put to PSU members around the country for "feedback". The
That's History: The Volunteer Graduate Scheme — In the early '50s, a small number of idealistic Australians went to Indonesia to live and work under local salaries and conditions. The first was Herb Feith, who pioneered what was to become the
SNAGS in the New World Order Military strategists have long understood the importance of rigorous psychological training for the formation of an efficient and disciplined fighting force. Indeed, inculcation of a deep-seated and unquestioning
Anti-gay violence in NSW schools By Karen Fredericks SYDNEY — The NSW Gay and Lesbian Teachers and Students Association (GaLTaS) has welcomed the introduction of state legislation prohibiting vilification of homosexuals, but says that
Help for FMLN By Paul Ingwersen The Canberra-based Committee to Defend Human Rights in El Salvador is coordinating an effort to send material to assist the Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front (FMLN) in its election campaign.
By Lyndall Barnett MELBOURNE — About 600 women and men marched here on June 19 to demand justice for women. Organised by the recently formed Justice for Women Action Collective, the rally protested against the lack of commitment to women's
Black women are the most disadvantaged section of South African society, oppressed because of their social class, gender and colour; they are also the greatest victims of violence. Women have the most to gain from a democratic post-apartheid
Opposition to new reactor Greenpeace, the Greens (WA) and the Sutherland Shire Council last week announced their united opposition to a new nuclear reactor anywhere in Australia. The move follows recent suggestions that a new reactor,
650 attend New Zealand peace conference By Ciaron O'Reilly Some 650 New Zealand activists gathered in Wellington for the "Peace, Power and Politics" conference on the queen's birthday long weekend. The conference was held on the 25th
Blood Brothers Four-part series on SBS Television Screening weekly starting Tuesday, July 6, 8.30 p.m. (8.00 Adelaide) Reviewed by Ignatius Kim Over the last 15 years or so, we have seen the rise of a strong cultural activity by
Technology I'm writing to you out of concern for the growing development of technology. I'm beginning to believe that it's not creating work, and with the many problems we're having with unemployment at the moment, it has me thinking.


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