Socialist Alliance

Come to our Volunteers Day - Federal Elections 2022
Support the Sue Bolton for Wills & Socialist Alliance election campaign

Sunday 20 February, 12.30
Venue: Harry Atkinson Arts & Crafts Centre, Lake Grove, Coburg Lakes Reserve, Coburg
(5 min walk from Sydney Rd tram)

Lunch & drinks available (lunch will be Halal with vegan options available)

This will be a Covid-safe event. The venue is well-ventilated, has a big outdoor deck and opens onto the gardens. We ask that you don't attend if you are experiencing any Covid symptoms.

The only path to creating a just society that lives in peace with the planet is by extending democracy to the economy. This is what we mean by socialism. Our election campaign aims to build the movements for change that can make this possible. Find out more, get involved.

Capitalism is sending humanity and the planet on a collision course towards ecocide.

The COVID-19 pandemic is highlighting just how deadly agribusiness, deforestation and the unending pursuit of private profit really is.

It has also shown that governments can move fast when they need to: social safety nets have been put in place — albeit temporary ones — including those we were always told “we” could not afford.

Guest speaker: Luana Alves, Sao Paulo socialist city councillor, activist with the Socialist Left Movement (MES) tendency within the Socialism and Freedom Party (PSOL) — Brazil’s largest radical anti-capitalist party.

Tens of thousands of people have taken to the streets across Brazil in defence of democracy, amid fears that far-right President Jair Bolsonaro may attempt a coup if he fails to be re-elected in October.

Find out more about the situation and the fight back on the streets at this forum hosted by Green Left and Socialist Alliance.

Part of a series of conferences, seminars and forums in October across the country more info at Ecosocialism 2022.

Tickets: $30/$10/$5.

Workshops and panels on the struggle for a safe climate, workers rights, and international solidarity with the oppressed.

Building a non-sectarian collaborative movement to win Aboriginal Sovereignty, social justice and save the planet.

Saturday 1 October

10am | Registration

10:45 | Acknowledgement of country


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