Nova ‘Jade’ Sobieralski

Three climate activists have been found guilty and charged for resisting Woodside's Scarborough gas hub in the Burrup. Nova ‘Jade’ Sobieralski reports.

The Australian Unemployed Workers Union says it is “time for DJ Albo to stop spinning and start acting on the anti-poverty rhetoric he conveniently spouted from opposition,” reports Nova ‘Jade’ Sobieralski.

Independent MP David Pocock agreed to Labor’s new industrial relations bill only after it promised to set up an “independent” Economic Inclusion Advisory Committee. Nova ‘Jade’ Sobieralski reports on its limitations.

The holiday season is meant to be a joyous time, but for the nearly 3 million poor Australians it is nothing but embarrassment, isolation and hunger. Nova ‘Jade’ Sobieralski reports.

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