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A significant ruling in the Federal Court on November 28 upheld the right of workers to use their leave as they see fit. The ruling prevents public sector organisations from issuing blanket bans on when employees can, or cannot, take leave.
Who Killed the Electric Car? exposes the scandal involving oil companies, car manufacturers and the US government in killing the EV1 - the battery-powered electric car produced by General Motors in 1996. The EV1 was clean, non-polluting, cheap and efficient, and could have contributed to saving the environment.
On October 23, 300 people rallied in this NSW regional town to protest against the Howard government’s mis-labelled Work Choices.
Changes to Australia’s “landmark” environment and heritage law, the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Act 1999, will give the federal environment minister more discretionary power to reject public nominations to protect areas of natural and cultural significance. The proposed amendments were tabled by the federal government in parliament on October 12 in a 414-page document.
Architects for Peace, Australia, took an active part in the protests against Israel’s attacks on Lebanon and Palestine. Beatriz Maturana, a founder of the group, told Green Left Weekly that the group formed in February 2003, in response to the invasion of Iraq. It continues to campaign against the US-led occupation of Iraq.
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