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In this centre of the tourism industry, a new opportunity is emerging to organise the recreational diving industry. The catalyst for this has been the refusal by Brooke O’Mara to continue to work under a $3 per hour “training” contract. Many work under similar contracts in the industry.
John Butler Trio, on a new national tour, continues to sing and speak out for peace and justice. On August 10 at far-north Queensland’s Kuranda Amphitheatre, John Butler called for justice for Mulrunji Doomadgee, who was killed by a police officer in the watchhouse doorway on Palm Island. Butler donned one of the “Justice For Mulrunji” wristbands presented to the band by Green Left Weekly supporters.
Dream Days at the Hotel Existence
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The 10th national Labour History Conference on June 4-6 delved into the labour movement’s past, but also featured interesting debates about present-day concerns.
An Indigenous man died in custody in Queensland on June 26. The death came a week after police officer Chris Hurley was found not guilty of the assault and manslaughter of Indigenous man Mulrunji on Palm Island in 2004.
The gay and lesbian community in Cairns is planning the inaugural Tropical Pride Festival, to be launched on September 16 at the Tanks Arts Centre from noon, with music from 5-9pm.
The 50th anniversary of the 1957 Palm Island strike was marked by a “very emotional” commemoration on June 15, Indigenous activist Gracelyn Smallwood told Green Left Weekly. She said up to 4000 people took part. Among the activities, relatives of the seven men and their families who were handcuffed, chained and removed at gunpoint from the island spoke about the violation of their human rights. The strike was triggered by a system that meant every Indigenous person on Palm Island had to work for 30 hours per week while being paid only in rations.
On June 12, the trial of Queensland police officer Chris Hurley on charges of assault and manslaughter began. Hurley is alleged to have punched and then unlawfully killed Aboriginal man Mulrunji on November 19, 2004, on Palm Island, an Indigenous community located near Townsville.
KURANDA — More than 100 people took part in a march and festival to mark Recognition Day on May 27. The march was organised by the Kuranda Women’s Group. Speakers at the festival opening included Judi Enoch, secretary of the Ngoonbi Cooperative Society, Terry O’Shane and other local Indigenous activists and elders. They highlighted the need to be conscious of Indigenous people’s history of struggle and the sharp attacks on their rights and living conditions in the decade the Howard government has been in power.
On February 24, 200 people rallied at the Esplanade Lagoon despite tropical rain to oppose a proposed resort and housing complex at False Cape on the coast south of the city. Until now, this side of Trinity Bay has provided Cairns with a natural setting visible from its centre.


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