Barry Healy

Aged care industry workers rallied in Western Australia, South Australia and Queensland in support of better pay and conditions and for improved staffing in the sector. Barry Healy reports.

A son haunted by his relationship with his dead father in Meyne Wyatt's City of Gold Image credit Da

Talented actor Meyne Wyatt hammers at the racism of his home town, Kalgoorlie, and opens up on other areas of racism in his hard-hitting play, City of Gold, writes Barry Healy.

The Sisters Mao

Irish author Gavin McCrae has made a career of writing novels about Communist women. In The Sisters Mao, he weaves together disparate characters, but can't illuminate why Maoism makes any sense to them, writes Barry Healy.

Paul W R's Last Journey

If you like sci-fi movies with a gentle, slightly mystical feel, this film is worth your time, as long as you don't expect any politics, writes Barry Healy.

Catherine Deneuve and Benoît Magimel give committed performances in Peaceful (De son vivant)

How does a person who feels they have failed in life face up to impending death? Peaceful delves into that question, with authenticity and outstanding performances, writes Barry Healy.

French Film  Authentik Supremes NTM

The 33rd Alliance Française French Film Festival opens around Australia in March. This year’s selection includes many for people with a taste for social justice themes, writes Barry Healy.

Miss Marx, a feminist reading of the life of Karl Marx’s youngest daughter, Eleanor Marx, is set to open in Australian cinemas on March 3, writes Barry Healy.

Ai Weiwei pictured with the cover of his memoir. Ai Weiwei image: Alfred Weidinger/Flickr CC by 2.0

Barry Healy reviews exiled Chinese artist Ai Weiwei's recent memoir.

Dune film 2021

With $US165 million of production costs on the big screen, you would expect Dune to be impressive and it does not let you down, writes Barry Healy.

Famed Hollywood director Oliver Stone returns to the question of the Kennedy assassination in his new, four-hour long documentary, which draws upon new evidence, writes Barry Healy.

Jeff Sparrow sits down with Green Left to speak about his new book Crimes Against Nature: Capitalism and Global Heating.

Black Swan State Theatre Company's modern interpretation of The Tempest showcases how it remains courageous in searching out new frontiers in theatre, writes Barry Healy.