Alex Bainbridge

For the 12th consecutive week, Australians called for a permanent ceasefire at rallies and vigils over the traditional holiday period. People are also being urged to fly the Palestinian flag at midnight to show they oppose Israel's genocide.

Protesting for a permanent ceasefire, to recognise Palestine and for a just and lasting peace continue across Australia.

Sit-down protest in Meanjin/Brisbane on December 17

Protesters were not deterred by Christmas distractions, summer heat or the long overdue Australian vote at the United Nations to join weekend protests for a genuine ceasefire in Gaza. Alex Bainbridge reports.

COP28 protest in Sydney for climate action

Expectations were never high for COP28, but as the climate deniers have managed to subvert the summit’s goals, Alex Bainbridge argues Australia must set its own climate transition plan.

A passionate rally in Logan ended with a protest outside Jim Chalmers' electoral office. Video by Alex Bainbridge.

Stop the genocide, Gadi/Sydney, December 10

Tens of thousands of people came onto the streets to call for ceasefire on the ninth weekend of protests against Israel's attempted genocide of Gaza. Alex Bainbridge reports.

Alex Bainbridge spoke with Socialist Alliance member Sam Wainwright about the successful community pickets at the Port of Fremantle.

Community First launch barbeque

Community First, a progressive ticket, has been formed to challenge a conservative group that dominates the Cairns Regional Council, reports Alex Bainbridge.

People's blockade of the world's largest coal port

Rising Tide's People's Blockade of the Newcastle coal port drew thousands to a creative and powerful civil disobedience action. Alex Bainbridge reports.

Twelve year old Jayda Shadid made a passionate call on Prime Minister Anthony Albanese to push for a ceasefire on November 19, reports Alex Bainbridge.

Lead banner in Gadi/Sydney, November 19

Tens of thousands of people joined the sixth straight week of solidarity rallies for Palestine. Alex Bainbridge reports.

David McBride arrives at court to a hero's welcome

War crimes whistleblower David McBride received a hero's welcome when he arrived to face court, writes Alex Bainbridge.