Socialist Alliance & Green Left Weekly at the May Day March!

Meet at 9am, corner of Wharf and Turbot St to grab your leaflets and Green Left Weekly bundle! We'll work from the front of the march to the back, distributing Australia's best radical press and leaflets for upcoming events until 9:45am where we'll gather at the back of the march with our flags, banners, and our best yellin' voices!

For our members and supporters who just want to march with us, join us at 9:45am at the rear of the march, corner of Leichhardt and Little Edward Streets, on this, the Workers' Day!

At this year's Brisbane May Day March, we'll be joining with workers, their unions, and community groups taking a stand for our rights at work, against the Newman regime's war on our civil liberties, and to say our public assets are NOT FOR SALE!

Visit this link for the march route:

Event date: 
Sun, 04/05/2014 - 9:45am
0401 234 610