Film screening: RADIOACTIVISTS

To mark the anniversary of the nuclear disaster in Fukishima, come along to the Wollongong première of RADIOACTIVISTS, a film that explores the anti-nuclear protest movement in Japan.

"RADIOACTIVISTS ( is a documentary film project under the German film-makers Julia Leser and Clarissa Seidel. The two of us have been shooting in Tokyo from end-April to mid-May 2011, we have accompanied the rallies and demonstrations within that time, and we have talked to all those critical voices about the current situation: scientists, journalists, activists and bloggers.

The documentary 'RADIOACTIVISTS – Protest and Discourse in Japan since Fukushima' wants to explore the Japanese protest culture under the effects of Fukushima and to illuminate the backgrounds of the current movements, protests and critical voices, which keep getting louder, not only in Japan."

After the film there will be time for a general discusssion.

Tea and Coffee will be available.

What: "Radioactivists (Japanese with English subtitles)" Film Screening

When: 7pm Tuesday 11 March 2014

Where: University of Wollongong, Building 20 Communications), Room 3

Event date: 
Tue, 11/03/2014 - 7:00pm