Perth One Billion Rising 2014

We will rise! We will dance! We will celebrate!
We will come together.
For the one in three women that will be beaten and/or raped in their lifetime, and for the women that die at the hands of men in this country and around the world, and for young women that grow up within rape culture and aren't even aware of it.
We will protest by talking and singing and dancing.
Everyone that supports a woman's right to safety, respect, and living a life worth having is welcome to attend.
There will be respected speakers in attendance, dance routine workshops, and flash-mobbing throughout Perth city.
See our page for dance rehearsals in the lead-up.

We, the Perth faction, have decided to break with tradition and hold our celebration on Saturday the 15th.

Join us and spread the word :)

At the CPSU/CSA, Level 5, 445 Hay St. Perth

Event date: 
Sat, 15/02/2014 - 5:00pm