Please join us in standing against the violent ongoing colonisation of so-called Australia. Australia Day is and always will be rooted in white supremacy and colonialism.


As we enter the 228th year of colonialism we as First Nations people still face colonial oppression at the hands of the criminal justice system, the child protection system, capitalism, and the ongoing ecocide on stolen Aboriginal land.

The full hearing for the charge of incitement against Chris Breen will be held on Wednesday 27 January and is expected to go for at least one day.

RAC will hold a solidarity rally at Melbourne Magistrates' Court at 233 William Street in the city from 8.30am. The event will be COVID-safe.

Sixty men are trapped in the Park hotel in Carlton. Their "crime" was being refugees, seeking asylum in Australia. Hundreds more remain languishing in Villawood, Kangaroo Point, Manus, Nauru, and other facilities. Their detention is a barbaric, inhumane abuse of human rights, a crime against humanity committed by the Australian government.

The Government of Sri Lanka has organised events on the 4th of February to celebrate the 73rd anniversary of Sri Lanka's independence from British rule.

For Tamil speaking people on the island, this is the day one oppressor handed power over to another oppressor. For hundreds of years the Portugese, Dutch, and British oppressed all on the island. After independence, instead of solidarity however, the Sinhala-Buddhist chauvinist state decided to co-opt the ruthlessness of colonial rule - leading to countless pogroms and other heinous acts.

Confirmed speakers include:

Mostafa Azimitabar (Moz from Manus) - freed refugee, activist, and musician, IN PERSON
Don Khan - refugee live via phone from the Park Hotel Prison
Tony Birch - Writer, Historian, Activist
Dr Tim Read MP - Green's Justice Spokesperson
Speaker from Victorian Trades Hall

Note, due to lockdown, the rally planned for 13 February was rescheduled and we'll be back on the streets for freedom on 20 February. Note the new time of 12 noon.

Rally for a fairer NDIS hosted by a grassroots group of disability activists, NDIS recipients, and workers.

Our demands:
1. Stop independent assessments
2. Free medical and allied health services for people applying for the NDIS
3. Stop privatisation and expand public disability services
4. Scrap the NDIA’s staffing cap
5. All data from the first IA trial of Nov 2018 - April 2019 to be made public

On 13 February 2008, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd publicly apologised, on behalf of the Federal Government, to the Stolen Generations – the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children who were forcibly removed from their families and communities by successive colonial and Australian governments.

This Friday 12th February, we gather together to reflect, share our stories and support one another on the 13th anniversary of National Apology Day.

Join us from 10:30am for a community walk around the lake. Morning tea will be provided.

End sexism. End transphobia. Kill the religious discrimination bill. Bodily autonomy. Decriminalise sex work.

Queens Park, Brisbane city.

National Day of Protest: End indefinite & Arbitrary Detention of refugees 6pm @ the State Library.

Facebook event:


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