We are excited to announce another fantastic line up of speakers for the third webinar in the Yellowcake Country series - uranium and nuclear weapons.

Join former federal Senator and ICAN Ambassador Scott Ludlam, ICAN co-founder Dimity Hawkins and former federal Labor Minister and ICAN Ambassador Melissa Parke.
Cohosted by Dave Sweeney and K-A Garlick.

What: Webinar – Uranium and Nuclear Weapons
When: Wednesday 5 August, 5.30pm - 7pm AWST (7.30pm AEST, 7pm SA/NT; 5.30pm WA)
Where: Online Zoom. Please register at

Online action: Knitting Nannas and Friends have stopped our weekly vigil in Martin Place in keeping with current health advice, but we’ve been busier than ever with online activities.This is a crucial time for actions to oppose Santos’ Narrabri Gas Project. If you'd like to join us send us a message and include a phone number. Hosted by Sydney Knitting Nannas And Friends.

Clean State invites you to a major community event showcasing our ambitious plan for 200,000 jobs through climate action in WA!

In WA, we’re lucky enough to have some of the best renewable energy resources, biodiversity, and technological capacity in the world. As we start to emerge from lockdown, we have a huge opportunity in front of us to become a world leader in clean jobs and climate action. 

Public Forum to address the threat to the Donnelly River by the Southern Forest Irrigation Scheme.

Reflecting on recent events around the world and the Black Lives Matter movement, this will be an in-depth discussion focusing on race relations, diversity and inclusion. With a global focus, speakers will look at the historical factors contributing to the systemic racism that many around the world are subjected to, and explore what can be done to affect real and lasting change as we move forward.

The GWUN sisters warmly invite you to our on-line forum on the impacts of the global pandemic on working women.

It’s widely recognised that women have been on the front lines of the pandemic and have also lost more jobs, more pay and more work hours than me. Our speakers will discuss a range of issues affecting working women followed by time for questions and discussion.

Please join us via the Zoom link below.

Analysing the rising violence of the Trump presidency and what it could mean for the future of the USA.

American Carnage is a short documentary looking at the renewal of the Black Lives Matter movement in particularly the United States following the murder of George Floyd on 25 May, 2020. It briefly discuss the background of this murder and the nature of the oppression brought by the US state against its black population, fascism and the Donald Trump Presidency, and the role of the liberal bourgeoisie in attempting to drive the movement into a dead end.

Saturday 7 November 12-2pm (Vic/NSW AEDT) 9am-11am (WAST) 11am-1pm (QLD/AEST)
Join via zoom @

Democracy and Care:

What does it mean to care for the well-being of other members of our community in the face of the infectious nature of Covid? What does it mean to care for the broader ecosphere upon which we depend and are a part? What does it mean to take care of the fragile ‘thing’ we call democracy...?

Bunurong man Bruce Pascoe is an award-winning Australian writer and editor. He is published nationally and internationally and his fiction and non-fiction works have won several national literary competitions.

His best seller, Dark Emu: Black Seeds: Agriculture or Accident? explores the history of Aboriginal land management, animal husbandry and culinary and architectural achievements prior to colonisation.


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