Join Melbourne Activist Legal Support (MALS) for a series of free virtual public panels and trainings around the theme: “Protest, Repression and the Law.” These panels and trainings have been made possible through a grant from the Victoria Law Foundation in relation to Law Week 2020.

A Right to Protest?

1948: Creation and Catastrophe explores the foundational events of the creation of the state of Israel and the displacement of the Palestinian population, known as the Nakba (catastrophe). It includes testimonies from those who lived through this period and from scholars on both sides of the ongoing conflict, Israeli and Palestinian, such as Benny Morris, Ilan Pappe and Rashid Khalidi. It was listed as one of the five best films of 2018 in the Sydney Morning Herald and has been shown at festivals all over the world.

Palestine Is Still the Issue, a 2002 documentary written and presented by John Pilger.

John Pilger returns to the Occupied Territories of the West Bank and Gaza where he filmed a documentary with the same title in 1977. This film looks at the origins of Israel’s current bombing reign and the nature of Israel as a colonial settler state. 

Film: 52 minutes, discussion led by John Pilger, afterwards. With Paul Keating, MUA Sydney branch secretary. Other speakers TBC.

Hosted by Green Left and Maritime Union Australia Sydney branch.

Free entry.

This four-part seminar series will address: The cause of pandemics, droughts, soil erosion and land and river system degradation.

No Extradition: Julian Assange's Father & The Struggle for His Son's Freedom. (Director, Pablo Navarrete, 35 mins, Alborada Films). Featuring John Shipton plus Nils Melzer (UN Special Rapporteur on Torture), M.I.A, John Pilger, Lowkey, Lisa Longstaff + others.

'How the West Was Lost', written and produced by David Noakes & Paul Roberts, tells the story of the 1946 Pilbara strike, featuring interviews with strike participants and supporters.
Tickets: $10 waged / $5

Film Screening of new film on Jack Mundey's life and politics.

Jack Mundey was part of a radical team that won the union leadership of the Builders Labourers Federation (BLF) in the 1960s.

After winning safety on the job, sick and accident pay, the BLF went on to fight apartheid, give solidarity to First Nations peoples, fight for jobs for women, for black and then green bans. Those bans saved many heritage and environmentally significant sites.

Join us for an evening of community conversation at the State Library Theatre with inspiring guest speakers who are building a sustainable future for WA. Chantal Caruso, Director of Policy & Research at Clean State will launch our plan for hundreds of thousands of WA jobs across 12 sectors including energy, building, agriculture, transport, tourism, and the care economy. WA’s future depends on what we do together, so bring your family & friends and join the conversation for how to create a cleaner and fairer state.

Reserve your spot now!

Come and find out the facts about climate change with a focus on impacts on Western Australia, and how you can get involved with Extinction Rebellion to become part of a peaceful social movement for system change.

Arrive for nibbles and soup at 6:00, Talk starts at 6:30 sharp


75 years ago, on May 1 (May Day), 1946, hundreds of Aboriginal workers began walking off dozens of pastoral stations across the vast Pilbara region to fight for wages and better living conditions.
We invite you to join us and members of the Pilbara Strike families in Fremantle to honour the courage and determination of the strikers, and commemorate this pivotal, yet little known event in our shared history.

Narrated by Alice Walker, Maestra (Spanish for teacher) explores the experiences of nine women who, as young girls, helped eradicate Cuban illiteracy in the 1961 literacy campaign within one year. 

Fifty years later, the brigadistas reminisce about the independence and self-confidence they gained from the great adventure and the trust the country placed in them. Film by Catherine Murphy. 2013. 32 min.

Chaired by Ian Ellis-Jones, (Green Left journalist and commentator on Cuba)


Forests For Climate, Forests For Life!

Online Forum: Victoria's Healthcare Disaster: Lessons from Covid-19.

Victoria, more than any other state or territory in Australia has had a prolonged and difficult outbreak of COVID-19 resulting in over 500 deaths to date, over 3000 healthcare workers testing positive, extended lockdowns, curfew and heavy policing.

Join us for a discussion on how the pandemic has impacted Victoria and our healthcare system, how it is that Victoria got to this point and lessons we can learn going forward.

Guest speakers include:

After much interest in the first HJA pub talk, we have decided to repeat it for Lake Macquarie residents and workers of the two nearby power stations.
Featuring interviews with workers from Port Augusta (Gary Rowbottom) LaTrobe Valley (Chris Barfoot) and Collie (Sean Emmett) plus local speakers, we will discuss what happens to regional economies when power stations close, and how workers and communities can organise to protect their livelihoods going into the future. 

Speakers will discuss the current crisis, the roots of the conflict and what needs to be done. The Socialist Alliance will also launch our new pamphlet "Palestine - Israeli apartheid & anti-semitism"

Forests For Climate, Forests For Life!


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