NEWCASTLE — On November 9, 40 people attended the launch of My Story by Mamdouh Habib and co-author Julia Collingwood.
We are all working harder through recycling to try to reduce the amount of garbage going wastefully to landfill.
The challenges, opportunities and responsibilities that socialists face today are huge.
The following letter was sent to the ACT Greens from the Socialist Alliance on November 13.
Beats are a toilet or park where men gather to have consensual, casual sex.
The global financial crisis is, again, showing up the savagery of the unfettered rule of the market. Governments are responding by increasing financial regulation, nationalising parts of the economy, and spending big on public infrastructure programs to pump-prime a stagnating capitalist economy. Not in NSW.
Green Left Weekly’s Chris Williams interviewed Tim Dobson from the Wollongong Public Transport Coalition (WPTC).
Last week, Green Left Weekly published an article arguing that population reduction schemes provide no answers to the threat of climate change.
Gone are the days when the local council dropped you a note in the mailbox, advising of its twice-yearly, free hard-rubbish collection.
There are some new faces joining the banks on the corporate bailout queue: General Motors, Ford and Chrysler.


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