The federal government plans to spend $130 billion to put corporate Australia into “hibernation” during the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s called a wage subsidy, but it is more a corporate survival subsidy, argues Peter Boyle.

The Socialist Alliance has released the following plan to combat COVID-19.

Road building, ahead of logging, has begun in the unburnt southern section of Nambucca State Forest in New South Wales, writes Kerry Smith.

The mining industry is focused on continuing production through the COVID-19 pandemic, writes Margaret Gleeson, despite workers' and local communities' concerns.

The NSW government has quietly approved longwall mining under the Sydney water catchment, reports Rachel Evans.

Abigail Boyd had a front-row seat watching the wealthy being bailed out after the Global Financial Crisis in 2008, and she warns the same is already happening with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Being Indigenous in one of the richest countries in the world is a risk factor for COVID-19, quite apart from the other factors dispossessed people struggle with, such as high rates of incarceration, unemployment and suicide, writes Emma Murphy.

Socialist councillor Sue Bolton writes that years of cut-backs and privatisations have made it hard for councils to rapidly put in place a COVID-19 public health response.

Other than those held in detention, refugees and asylum seekers living in communities across Australia are probably the most vulnerable to COVID-19, writes Jonathan Strauss.

The Refugee Action Collective in Victoria has vowed to hold a car cavalcade in defiance of a police ban, to demand freedom for detained refugees, reports Chris Slee.


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