On April 16, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd launched the Global Carbon Capture and Storage Institute. The day before, CSIRO scientists told a Senate inquiry that the world needs immediate and significant cuts to greenhouse gas emissions to have any hope of preserving a climate that can support humanity.

On April 17 a judge issued an order for seizure of property against Sean Pickard, an activist involved in campaigns for Indigenous rights. This follows his failure to pay fines that were imposed as a result of convictions on five counts of “failing to produce a ticket” on Melbourne’s privatised public transport system.

PM Kevin Rudd likes to tell us he is against “extreme capitalism”. Like US President Barack Obama, Rudd tries to give capitalism a more human face, pretending it’s now something different to the neoliberal nightmare of the past three and a half decades.

On April 16, an explosion on board a small fishing boat, packed with 47 Afghan asylum seekers and two crew, killed five people and injured many more.

Crossing Hitler: The Man Who Put the Nazis on the Witness Stand

By Benjamin Carter Hett

Pier 9, 2009

349 pages, $45 (hb)

Green Left Weekly is proud to have sponsored the hugely successful World at a Crossroads: Fighting for Socialism in the 21st Century conference, held over the Easter weekend in Sydney.

A forum held by the University of Sydney environment collective and the Political Economy Students’ Society attracted 70 people on March 31.

As part of Palestine Solidarity Week — March 30 to April 3 — renowned Jewish author Antony Loewenstein spoke at campus meetings at La Trobe University, Monash University and the University of Melbourne on April 1. The public lectures were organised by Students for Palestine.

Qantas workers at Sydney Airport struck for four hours on March 30. Workers held a mass delegates’ meeting to respond to plans to outsource jobs at Sydney, Launceston and Hobart airports. Baggage handlers, ramp, fleet and catering staff at airports in Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth also took industrial action.

Members of the Aboriginal community were joined by construction and manufacturing unionists at a 350-strong protest on April 3 to bring an end to deaths of Aboriginal people in custody.


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