World music from Adelaide


World music from Adelaide

Mystical Traveller

Dya Singh

On cassette and CD

Reviewed by Vikki Langton and Andrew Hall

Anyone interested in world music should take note of Dya Singh, a band that incorporates a unique blend of sounds, in which the mystical East meets Western folk, blues, and classical music.

The magic of this group springs from the blending of a range of instruments, including the didgeridoo, bouzouki, flutes, harmonium, Vietnamese zither and guitar with Indian vocals. The evocative sound takes its foundations from the Indian subcontinent, the Mediterranean, Vietnam, and Australia.

Singh, the group's founder, sees their music as an opportunity to show what Australian cultural diversity and racial tolerance are all about. Dya Singh advocates harmony amongst peoples of different races, religions, gender, age and disabilities. "Even though Australians now live in a multicultural environment, this fact is hidden from the rest of the world. South-East Asians still have the impression that Australia still advocates a white policy", he said. Groups like Dya Singh assist in breaking down this myth.

The group is about to head overseas to Singapore and Malaysia to show the face of Australian multiculturalism, and to build on their successful performance at last year's Womadelaide Festival.

Dya Singh can be contacted on (08) 278 3088 or 231 7247.