Workshop: Invasion Day for Non-Aboriginal People



10:00am to 2:30pm Saturday 20 January


Kent House Activities Room (141 Faulkner Street, Armidale)

January 26th marks the day that Australia was invaded by colonial forces, the beginning of genocide inflicted on First Nations peoples, yet it is a day of celebration and fun for mainstream Australia. The workshop aim is for non-First Nations people* to look at our/their place in this day and in Australia generally, to discuss how we/they can support First Nations' initiatives around Invasion/Survival Day and how we/they can engage differently with Australia Day.

It is assumed that participants already understand and sympathise with opposition to Australia Day, and are supportive of Invasion/Survival Day activities.

In this workshop we will discuss questions like:

What is solidarity? What is NOT solidarity?
What is solidarity in the context of Invasion/ Survival/ Australia Day? What does opposition to Australia Day look like? What does support of Invasion/ Survival day look like?
What are the possibilities for action and are we prepared to do them? If not, why not?
How about solidarity the rest of the year?

What it will Look Like

This will be a structured and facilitated workshop. This is so that everyone (who wants to) can contribute. There will be pair, small and whole group discussions, groups will be created by the facilitator, with consent. Ideas about (possible) actions will come from the floor and participation in any “actions” will be voluntary. The facilitator does not presume to be an expert, the role of the facilitator is to help voices be heard, ideas shared, and to encourage organising.

Lunch and Cost

Bring a plate to share with the group, this will be our lunch.

Gold coin donations are welcome to go towards Invasion/Survival Day activities, and to contribute to the venue costs. No one will be turned away due to lack of funds.

Children and Disability Access

Let us know if you need childcare and/or the creation of a child friendly space. We would like to accommodate children and their carers.

Kent House is fully accessible.

*First Nations people are welcome to attend and/or input ideas before the workshop as they/you see fit.