Women take to Hobart’s streets

Photo: Susan Austin

Hundreds of people marched on November 12 in Hobart’s “Slutwalk” to protest violence against women and to reject the idea that victims of sexual violence are somehow responsible for the assaults against them because of what they wear.


Noo slutwalk where ti is needed, e.g, saudi arabia, iran , afghanistan, or south africa, anybody bothered about the new trend in that countrty? its called corrective rape, blacks raping lesbians to "cure" them, If the offenders were white christians, or jews it would be a crime!
To anonymous: 1. There is slutwalk in South Africa http://www.facebook.com/pages/SlutWalk-Durban-South-Africa/193511814034534 2. The corrective rape of lesbians in South Africa is a crime — the issue is one of enforcement. And the perpatrators are predominantly Christian. 3. Your unconvincing pretence at being concerned for women's rights does not in any way hide your nasty racism.
The durban slut walk specifically took up the area of corrective rape. It called on the Christian churches to condemn its practice amongst "christians" and called for a more accepting attitude towards LGBTI people in general - particularly lesbians and transwomen. Many poor South Africans are HIV+ as a result of sexual assault many of them young women and children who are black. Sexual assault is a manifestation of power - usually those with power exerting it over those without. It is not a question of race in this instance. Feminism and racism can never exist together.