Wombarra and Scarborough declared CSG-free zones

Protest at Scarborough, October 2011.

Stop CSG Illawarra released this statement on December 4.


Today the suburbs of Wombarra and Scarborough were declared coal seam gas-free, by a vote of residents.

Local Stop CSG members have been surveying households and an overwhelming majority of respondents in these suburbs want: their suburb to remain CSG-free, a ban on CSG development in the drinking water catchment and a freeze on the industry state-wide to investigate the impacts. 

Stop CSG Illawarra spokesperson and Wombarra resident Jess Moore commented: "While a CSG licence has been granted in these suburbs and across the drinking water catchment, the government has not asked communities what we want. These results provide a very clear picture: a stop to CSG.

"Today the people of Wombarra and Scarborough declared our suburbs CSG-free zones. We want a ban on CSG development in the drinking water catchment and a freeze on the industry state-wide to investigate the impacts.

"Residents want the CSG licenses over Scarborough, Wombarra and the drinking water catchment revoked, and no such new licenses granted.

"People are standing up to protect their communities; standing up where the government has failed.”