Wodonga meatworkers sacked twice


Wodonga meatworkers sacked twice

By Dick Nichols

Workers at the Wodonga Meats abattoir have been on strike since management sacked their 10 union delegates in mid-April. A few days later their jobs were advertised in the local press, proof to their union (the Australasian Meat Industry Employees Union) that they had been made redundant.

But company attempts to intimidate the workers have failed and soWodonga Meats has sacked them again, with termination letters sent out to 217 early last week. "This group of workers must be the most sacked group of workers I have ever met," says AMIEU Victorian state secretary Wally Curran.

The sackings give the lie to Hayes' claim that the strike was falling apart. Clearly the 30-40 scabs Wodonga Meats has managed to get through the picket lines can't get the plant up and working.