Winds of Resistance - Mini-docos from Western Sahara



6:30pm Thursday 20 September


A showcase of two mini-documentaries (30min each) on the plight of Western Sahara - Africa’s last colony and a UN-disputed territory.

Since 1976, Western Sahara has been illegally occupied by Moroccan forces with tacit support from France and the US. Driven from their land, separated by a 3000km wall and what is considered to be the longest continuous minefield in the world, the indigenous Saharawi people remain stranded in refugee camps in the middle of the Algerian desert.

Hosted by the Australian Western Sahara Association.

Special guests include:
Western Sahara Polisario Front Representative to Australia and New Zealand, Kamal Fadel
Greens MP for Balmain, Jamie Parker
The Hon. Dr. Meredith Burgmann, former President of the NSW State Legislative Council


Sirocco - Winds of Resistance

Drawing from the inspiration of their grandmothers, WOMADelaide-featured brilliant artist Aziza Brahim and activist Senia Abderhaman, wrestle for the independence of their people from a brutal and corporate-backed Moroccan regime using culturally derived methods of music, poetry, and non-violent resistance.

La Guera

Former inhabitants of a picturesque town in Western Sahara look upon their homeland from a distance away - in neighbouring Mauritania, Spain's Canary Islands, and from the refugee camps across the border in Algeria. Deserted and sand-swept over the years, none of them can return, yet none of them can forget their oasis in the desert.

Drinks and nibblies will be available throughout the evening with proceeds going to support awareness-raising for Western Sahara.

Contact details

0432 112 884