West Papua: End Australian complicity in genocide

Photo: uwip.org

The Socialist Alliance released the statement below on September 10.

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The Socialist Alliance condemns the Australian government’s ongoing support for Indonesian security forces, particularly the Detachment 88 “counter-terrorism” unit implicated in human rights abuses in the occupied nation of West Papua and elsewhere in Indonesia.

Detachment 88 has operated in West Papua for several years and has been implicated in killings, harassment and torture of Papuans as part of Indonesia’s efforts to repress the movement for independence.

The latest crackdown by security forces — which included the alleged involvement of Detachment 88 in the killing of West Papua National Committee (KNPB) leader Mako Tabuni — has finally gained much-deserved attention from the mainstream media and put pressure on the Australian government over its complicity in the repression.

Detachment 88 was formed after an agreement between Indonesia and the Australian government following the terrorist bombing in Bali in 2002. Australia has given tens of millions of dollars to pay for the unit’s equipment, training and facilities. The Australian Federal Police have also held special training seminars for the unit’s members.

The Australian government also has long-term links to the Kopassus special forces unit, notorious for its long history of human rights abuses throughout Indonesia, East Timor and West Papua.

As new KNPB leader Victor Yeimo told ABC TV's 7.30: “You [Australia] give money for Indonesia to kill people in West Papua. You are the perpetrators ... you are the actors of violence in West Papua.

“Australian government — also American government — they are actors of violence in West Papua because they fund them, they train them, and then with the gun they kill people. They kill us like animal.”

Australia has also provided political cover for successive Indonesian governments to maintain a regime of brutality in West Papua. Foreign minister Bob Carr’s comments on 7.30 on August 28 were typical of this — defending Indonesian officials as being “responsive” when Australian diplomats raised human rights concerns, despite human rights abuses continuing.

Western countries have long been complicit in Indonesia’s brutal treatment of West Papua. The harsh regime has helped facilitate the exploitation of the area’s riches in natural resources by Western and Indonesian companies. Papuans see little benefit from the pillaging of their land and have the lowest standard of living in Indonesia.

The Socialist Alliance recognises West Papua’s status as an illegally colonised nation. It supports the independence movement’s campaign for freedom from oppression, including its calls for an internationally supervised referendum on independence.

The Socialist Alliance calls on the Australian government to cut all ties with the Indonesian security forces. It must pressure Indonesia to bring to justice those responsible for human rights abuses, including any responsible commanders and politicians.

Australia should pay reparations to the West Papuan people for any abuses committed by forces funded and trained by Australia.

The Socialist Alliance also calls on the Australian government to end its political support for Indonesia’s crimes and to recognise the right of the West Papuan people to exercise self-determination.


West Papua is not an Indonesian issue - it is a United Nations issue under UN General Assembly resolution 1752 (XVII) West Papua became a UN trust territory.

Indonesia is the administrator of a UN colony, and Australia has a moral & legal obligation (Charter of the UN Act 1945) to remind the United Nations of the trusteeship agreement which the Netherlands & UN signed in 1962, and to ask the UN Trusteeship Council to implement articles 87, 88 of the UN charter without further delay.

Yes,Agree with you West Papua,
Australia, America, the Netherlands and the United Nations to participate and be part of the process of annexation of West Papua by Indonesia and create genocide, crimes against human rights, destruction of natural resources in Brutal for nearly 5 decades in our homeland of West Papua.
Ironically, even today they are still deluded by Indonesia, so that they provide assistance misused to suppress the liberation struggle in West Papua also they do not realize (the case of detachment-88).
Though very simple to monitor that there is something wrong with West Papua is ... Can they (countries) that provide assistance to Indonesia, pressuring the Indonesian government to immediately grant permission to the international Red Cross, the Commission on Human Rights International and Foreign Jurnalist Go to West Papua to cover what is really happening day after day???
If West Papua Once closed it is clear there is Wrong!!! Crimes covered there!!!

There is still time to fix ... Soon ... so that no more genocide, no political prisoners, and no fear to speak the truth in our homeland West Papua ...

Soon Preview Back UN resolution 1752 (XVII) (http://www.un.org/documents/ga/res/17/ares17.htm) , that West Papua become an UN trust territory. And Reminds UN Trusteeship Agreement signed by the Netherlands and the United Nations in 1962. And the United Nations Trusteeship Council Request to implement Articles 87 and 88 of the UN Charter (http://www.un.org/en/documents/charter/chapter13.shtml)
as soon as possible without delay.

At colonyWestPapua.info readers can find some extra info about the Dutch plan for trusteeship and the United Nations resolution that implemented it.

Although one would have to be suspicious that corporate influence may have influenced the clerical procedures in 1962, the problem itself appears to be that UN administrative staff forgot to add West New Guinea (West Papua) to the agenda of the Trusteeship Council. Requests are being forwarded to the United Nations asking that that oversight be addressed, lets cross fingers.

It is easy to blame an organisation, perhaps not unfairly, but the bigger picture which the media should be asking is; "What effect can the world suffer if we allow the UN and foreign policies to become influenced by corporate interest ?" West Papua is like a keystone for US mining operations across Indonesia, the Generals are happy to let various US corporations mine Indonesia in exchange for giving the Generals immunity to do as they please to Papua. It would be quite sad to see the guest list from the USINDO.org lobby parties held in Washington.