Vigil: Eight years too long, free the refugees



5:30pm to 8:30pm Friday 13 August


Lincoln square
Carlton VIC 3053


The vigil will feature speakers, musicians and poets.
Music - Les Thomas
Reading - Arnold Zable
Poetry - Awale Ahmed
Kasra - refugee imprisoned in the Park Hotel, live by phone
Mostafa Azimitabar (Moz from Manus): freed Medevac refugee
Taqi Azra - United Workers Union organiser and Hazara refugee
Anna Kingston - Refugee Action Collective
Chairs - Chloe De Silva & Lieke Janssen (RAC)

Join our gathering outside the Park Hotel-prison to mark the ninth anniversary since ex ALP Prime Minister Julia Gillard announced the re-opening of offshore processing on Aug 13, 2012.
(Please note this event has been rescheduled from July 19, the anniversary of when ex Prime Minister Kevin Rudd announced that refugees who came by boat would never be resettled in Australia).

Some 33 Medevac refugees are still held in the Park hotel-prison while dozens more who were transferred here from offshore are imprisoned elsewhere in Australia. 28 Medevac refugees are held in MITA detention centre in Broadmeadows, 12 of them are currently on hunger strike.

There are 233 refugees and asylum-seekers held offshore by Australia – 109 on Nauru and 130 in Papua New Guinea.

They must all be freed and resettled permanently in Australia.

Since offshore processing was restarted thousands of men, women and children have suffered needlessly, including instances of rape and child abuse.

Overall, according to Monash University’s “Border Crossing Research Brief", the total number of deaths among asylum-seekers has been 117: 17 in offshore detention, 41 in onshore detention, 22 in the community, 3 during arrest or deportation, and 34 after deportation.

That's why we gather in solidarity with all asylum-seekers and refugees who have suffered as the result of policies and practices carried out by and on behalf of Australian governments, for 20+ years.

To remember all refugees whose deaths occurred in detention and to offer condolences to those who are still grieving.

To acknowledge the suicides that result from the cruelties inflicted.

To acknowledge the separations from and impact on families.

To acknowledge the destructive impact of prolonged detention on mental health.

To continue to call on the government to free all refugees and provide permanent safe haven in Australia.

This event will be Covid Safe, we will have QR codes to check in, and hand sanitiser and masks on our stall. QR codes will also be printed on posters displayed at the event. Please wear a mask, observe social distancing and instructions from Covid marshals.

Do not attend if you have any cold/flu symptoms, or have visited any exposure sites, go and get a Covid test instead.

Call Chris for more info 0403 018 183

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