VIC - Uni Student Climate Strike



1:00pm Friday 13 March


March 13, 1pm. State Library 

Students across Australia have already mobilised in their hundreds of thousands demanding action on the climate. We're sick of seeing the government and the opposition defend and promote the coal industry, we are sick of protesters being arrested and our civil liberties being threatened. We're worried about the future of humanity in a world that won't stop prioritising profit over human need. We want action and we want it now.

This summer has seen one of the most intense fire seasons, with bush fires raging from September. 34 people have died, over 18 million hectares have burnt and over a billion animals have perished. The fires are a symptom of a system that was built to enrich fossil fuel bosses while the rest of us pay.

We're now seeing flash flooding in NSW, drought in rural communities with many having no access to water, and we have had multiple record breaking heat waves. The climate crisis is here.

The government doesn't care about ordinary people and is refusing to take urgent action on the climate. Both Labor and Liberal support the maintenance of the fossil fuel industry - we know it needs to be shut down now.

We need to continue to build a mass movement to fight for a sustainable future - we invite everyone to join us on March 13 to demand:
1. Shut down the fossil fuel industry
2. Land rights not mining rights
3. Stop Adani
4. Fight for a Just Transition and sustainable jobs

This protest takes place on the stolen indigenous land of the Kulin Nations. We pay our respects to their elders past, present and emerging. We stand in solidarity with all indigenous people and their struggles against land theft and genocide and for self-determination and justice.

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